[NanakoRaws] Spy x Family S2 - 05 (WEB-DL 1920x1080 x264 AAC).mkv (include JPsub)

2023-11-04 14:42 UTC
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***RECRUIT!!*** **We're currently hiring. No experience is required for these position. You only need to be willing to learn. For raw provider, we're looking for anyone who can be receive Japanese TV. You can use any device to record, as long as the output file you recorded is TS. No limits on this position. If you're interested or you want to help out but you’re not sure exactly what with, please PM me on Discord (nanako_sama) or fanpage Nanako Channel. We can have a casual chat about it. Hopefully new people and new generations will inherit the current NanakoRaws to build the anime community more, and more promoted! Thank you for your help in nearly 2 years!** Please keep seed because more people want to download this file. Thanks for your reading! Enjoy! ^ ^ | SNS | Link | | --------- | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | YouTube| [Subscribe](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIDRSHIYLYyJaLQA_g-MUtQ)| | Facebook| [Follow and like](https://www.facebook.com/nanakochannel)| | Telegram| [Subscribe my channel](https://t.me/nanakoanime)| | Discord| [Nanako](https://discord.gg/n5YwEfyd6x)| | DDL| [Here](https://terabox.fun/sl/3W8QqGey64) (register account [here](https://www.terabox.com/webmaster?referer_uk=4398494079900) to download)| | Subtitles | [Get](https://terabox.fun/sl/3W8XonnDQZ)| | Donate|[Ko-fi](https://ko-fi.com/nanako206)| || TMKP1Ua7QNqVAB2BpGHpThsN5Ha9TJk24J (TRX/USDT)| || (if you want to donate by other ways like transfer by bank or seedbox, VPS…, please contact me on Discord)|

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  • [NanakoRaws] Spy x Family S2 - 05 (WEB-DL 1920x1080 x264 AAC).mkv (711.6 MiB)