Fog.Hills.Of.The.Five.Elements.(Wu.Shan.Wu.Xing) Donghua EngHardSubs S01-S02 - Shockingly Graphic Epic Fight Scenes

2023-10-29 17:21 UTC
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![Fog.Hills.Of.The.Five.Elements]( "Fog.Hills.Of.The.Five.Elements") **Fog.Hills.Of.The.Five.Elements.(Wu.Shan.Wu.Xing) Donghua EngHardSubs S01-S02 - Shockingly Graphic Epic Fight Scenes** Thanks to Uruz7Laevatein ( for sourcing these 60fps HEVC high quality files. ________________________________ **Personally I think this Donghua is HIGHLY UNDERRATED. The Epic SUPER GRAPHIC FIGHT SCENES are simply AMAZING. Turn your stereo Bass up and enjoy Explosive Battle Scenes.** _________________________________ **SUMMARY** A legend tells that a long time ago, monsters could give the ability to certain elected officials to master the five elements. But for that, you have to go through the dangerous foggy mountains... By eating the scales of a Holy Dragon Monster special powers are given to both humans and Demons. The Humans steal the Holy Dragon to harvest the scales and Blood of the little monster and the Demons intend to take him back and kill all his human captors. _____________________________________ Intro and exit music is AWESOME imho. Very little clutter of Adverts etc. So left everything intact no Editing. 32-35 Minute 60 fps HEVC Episodes. suggest watching at 80% speed. the mandarin is spoken VERY fast and makes reading subtitles RUSHED and annoying IMHO. Potplayer is a fantastic video player and has special code to make spoken words sound NORMAL at slower speeds. To slow down just click the playback tab in console and click SLOWER and it goes down to 90% 80% 70% so forth with each click. Slower is ESPECIALLY useful when trying to learn another language as well. Other players have similar functions but the code to sound normal when slower is unique to Potplayer I believe. >>>If you enjoy my releases please help seed as much as possible. I only have 100Mbit seed ability so any help you can give is GREATLY appreciated by me as well as others trying to access this torrent. Cheers>>

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awesome uploads! hopefully, the remaining episodes of this finale will be uploaded the same as this one.
thank you uploader!

Bullitbaby (uploader)

yes as soon as they are released ill upload - lets hope they dont take like a whole year to male part 3 ;ole they did with part 2 :-)
Thank you for doing the work for this 2 season batch. Yes, Uruz7Laevatein has amazing releases and one of my bookmarked sources.
if u used uruz files, u should mark this torrent red