[Commie] Pluto - 01 [83C77A46].mkv

2023-10-29 04:30 UTC
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  • [Commie] Pluto - 01 [83C77A46].mkv (3.0 GiB)
well colour my dick black and call me a nigga, now i don't have to deal with shitflix! it's a halloween haunting!
Thanks herkz
nvm translation is still bad, no tlc
i checked it against the official translation of the manga and didn't notice any lines that were too different but all right
well, idk about the official translation, but there are some issues. for example: "He was a key advocate for the Robot Rights Protection Laws." is not a good translation of "ロボット人権法を擁護する団体の幹部です". He's just saying the dead guy was one of the leaders of an organization that defends the Robot Rights Law(s). "key advocate" is an odd interpretation, to say the least, and "Robot Rights Protection Laws" isn't precise. One could dismiss the addition of "protection" in "Robot Rights Laws" as OK, but it's pretty obvious that's a mistranslation from "擁護", that actually refers to the organization he was part of.
the first one i think they just messed up and included "Protection" because at ~12:30 there's the line ロボット法擁護団体の幹部です which is pretty similar. as for "key advocate," i don't think there's any problem with that translation in general. he's just one of the leaders of a group who defends robot rights. it never really says what he does in that role (except defend them on TV).
nothing wrong with that translation
Thank you very much
i wish they had adopted 20th century boys or better yet billy bat. tezuka is totally overrated tbh
a 20th century boys adaptation would be insane. if it was adapted like pluto, it'd have be 6 cours long assuming normal episode length. i wouldn't say no, though.
imagine if they did it panel for panel like monster