Demon City Shinjuku (1988) (BD 1080p x265 HEVC FLAC 2.0)(Dual Audio)[sxales](v2)

2023-10-28 02:00 UTC
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![alt text]( "Cover") >Tokyo. The glittering skyline that once rivalled any in the world, lies cracked and crumbling under the weight of an oppressive evil. A single man stands responsible — the tyrannical Levih Rah who has created this Demon City in Shinjuku, the heart of Tokyo. But he does not plan on stopping there! Rah's goal is to destroy the entire world... > >For years, no one has dared to cross the foul moat which Rah has built around the Demon City. However, the young, beautiful Sayaka Rama is desperate to save the life of her father, who has been bound by a parasitic plant controlled by Rah, on the brink of death. > >She enlists the help of Kyoya, a streetwise Tokyo teenager. The two bravely venture into the Demon City, where they encounter the mystical character Mephisto, whose spiritual healing powers could save them from certain death. > >But can this rugged band actually overcome the might of Rah's army of thugs? And even if they do, will they be able to destroy Levih Rah himself? Or will they perish as all others before them? ... [source anidb]( There were some issues with low bitrate in the original release that should be resolved here. I probably should have redone it years ago. From the JP BD. Dual Audio: Japanese (Stereo FLAC), Japanese (5.1 DTS), English (Stereo AC3). English subs from my previous release. [DDL]( I would appreciate any help seeding.

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_Golden movie_. Thanks for the upload.