[LonelyChaser-Inka] Baribari Densetsu Movie (1987) [LD]

2023-10-25 18:04 UTC
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![baribarimovie](https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEiYLw82Zo2KqFuntRsizK92VqpMVmSJ5_5tw__bvS0C8nD2HYyLfBkGfXiOVpww_5rKh8Ilt-NIK9RP61tiuYubIwh1HQpt_8z6bzmMXAzDtZ1Geflt9R9EtvbNqTwdqKMukTo88CdDPVdLbELhMc4Fffhlg7OgF4lgyFucvH0W1QVzfbWogxF0g3YnWJoe/w800/2.png) Say it with me, done in collaboration with [LonelyChaser Subs](https://lonelychasersubs.blogspot.com). | Role | Staff | |----------- | ----------- | | Raws | TougeWolf, MartyMcFlies | | Encoding | Intrepid | | Timer, Translator | Perevodildo | | TLC, Editor, Typsetter | TougeWolf | | Quality Check | MartyMcFlies, tim-x, ImAWasteOfHair | | Special Thanks | ImminentTax | [Email](inka.subs@gmail.com) | [Discord](https://discord.gg/dcxuRvg) As requested by Perevodildo, shout out to the Stig.

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  • [LonelyChaser-Inka] Baribari Densetsu Movie (1987) [LD].mkv (1.7 GiB)
Movie ED is a bop. Also, with this release, solidifying my position as a professional (with limitations) translator for relatively unknown works of those famous and acclaimed authors that only have one bigger-than-life hit and their other works in a state of absolute obscurity.
Remember watching the Wanpo release of this movie. Pretty damn good upgrade, Inka and LonelyChaser!
Thanks again for your great subs!
Thanks guys, BD version will come later, I presume? You know, you could've just made a 480p BDRip since it'd be much better than an LDRip. BTW patiently waiting for Jungle Emperor next eps.
No intention of a BD version - the BD is an SDBD and the LD ver happened to be better.