[Bereke Scrubs] Kamen Rider Fourze Net Edition - Everyone, It's Class Time [720p]

2023-10-22 22:03 UTC
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This was done originally back when we were *extremely new* at BD sourced stuff with an encode by OZC who took the track with all of the shorts in order by category as opposed to release order at our request. We weren't encoding our own stuff yet and I didn't want to bother him with another request, so our plan was to use the Editions feature of MKV to let you set it to play in either order from one file. This didn't work for many reasons (don't rely on editions for anything tbh) so we ended up just going with this order as the one we had the video for. Wish we'd done it the other way now, but we'd have to shuffle the entire subtitle file to do it and that's a lot of work.... \*eternally puts on back burner\* *** Note: This is the exact same torrent we’ve uploaded on other torrent sites, we’re just uploading here as well due to Nyaa’s popularity/stability. Scrub of the Kamen Rider Fourze Net Movie "Everyone, It's Class Time!" net-movie promotional shorts for the movie "Everyone, It's Space Time." Content Warning: This release contains allusions to transphobia and mild homophobia. Additionally, there is a segment that centers on a high school student being sexualized and implications that a school administrator is sexually attracted to her. If you want to avoid these, skip segments "Learn About AHGS Students - Swim Club Girl" (from 0:25:37.201 to 0:29:51.957) and "Learn About the Zodiarts - The Dark Nebula" (from 1:00:38.969) in the main movie. In the Watchaa~ Talk deleted scenes video, skip the final segment from 09:05.419 to the end of the video. Original script by TV-Nihon (which has been edited), with a Blu-Ray sourced encode by OZC in 720p 8-bit H.264 with softsubs. (This was originally shot in 720p.) Some segments of the script are taken from Over-Time's translation of the main Kamen Rider Fourze series. Website: https://berekescrubs.wordpress.com/

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