[MaruChanSubs] Jarinko Chie (1981) 13 (English Subs) (Chie the Brat | Downtown Story)

2023-10-12 19:18 UTC
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![JC13](https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEgkKg6FVuRwdyGlaR7pc0ZxTHlf4DauJTtX6ISq0XkiSJBW7MEsAOF5jGTIA0KyNcmG38SbXa8EQGdRpTzSewYsXedoDJuDp6lTSGK1NRD3Uw2rR1PAqqf9wDo_T1a2WjIyw8SE1QijucPmGE7ndUbTIjssB0ILkxvGaRtK2fE8kn6cjIxYScNwWHrErX4/w400-h301/%5BMaruChanSubs%5D%20Jarinko%20Chie%20(1981)%2013.mkv_20231012_010347.988.jpg) **Episode 13: Grandma's Home Run** **Original Airdate: January 16th, 1982** The horrible truth has been revealed -- the fate of Chie's home rides on the outcome of a baseball game, and she's the only competent member on her team. Luckily, some unexpected help arrives at the 11th hour to even the score. **Credits:** Encode by: Amicus ([@Amicus_19](https://twitter.com/Amicus_19)) All the other boring stuff: MaruChanSubs Video - 640x480 H265/HEVC Audio - AC3 For general information about the series and notes about this release, go [here](https://nyaa.si/view/1643779). **NOTE** Due to the show being licensed, this will be the final release I make for this show.

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another instant classic
Hopefully they hired you to do the official sub. Nice work! :D
great news on the one hand, but on the other, you guys' translation has been truly wonderful and their translation quality notwithstanding, we can already see from their preview clip that diskotek's bds are gonna come with uggo yellow pgs subs. also i gotta wonder if there are good masters for the show, since i don't believe they'll rescan all that stock just for a niche limited release overseas.
Thanks so very much for these 13 episodes! ❤️ And I, too, hope they will come with the same as great subs as yours have been.