[SubsPlease] Sousou no Frieren - 01 (1080p) [F02B9CEE].mkv

2023-09-29 15:02 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Sousou no Frieren - 01 (1080p) [F02B9CEE].mkv (1.5 GiB)
Isn't this supposed to be a 2 hour episode
this anime's kinda so so, especially with the mainstream-bait autotune bitch singing the OP song
The premiere is split in 4 parts for streaming services
ah typical streaming site bullshit waiting for one complete release
@AttackonTitanSucksAss The "complete" release is 4 indiviual parts, just like Kaguya "movie" earlier this year The premiere was 4 eps stitched together, not an actual 1h30 production
anime of the century
I really can’t stand the thought of watching an anime episode that’s over 1 hour long. I hope this stops soon >this anime’s kinda so so, especially with the mainstream-bait autotune bitch singing the OP song Holy based
CR has all 4 parts up right now, is SubsPlease using a different source?
@Mindception Their bot is shit, so they can't rip multisub. Already watching it 'cause I know better rippers from 3rd world country. 3rd world > dumb ass fat murricans
Yoasobi needs to be erradicated, theyre awful and their song really doesnt fit Frieren's world and vibe at all maybe the bitch singing is banging some big head in the anime industry, otherwise i dont get why they get so much work
What's this Yoasobi hate? She's a better singer than all of us and she is huge in the anime industry right now.
Wow very nice comment section
@matheousse Well that's disappointing, I guess the 2 hour thing was media bait and they just did a half netflix
@Uchiah Precise reason why there are salty channers and alike that hate anything that becomes mainstream shitting on her. You answered your own question.
@fishgiver 2 hours was marketing for the TV broadcast. Every single time you see "1-hour special" or something similar it always means they're talking about how the timeslot will be filled on Japanese TV, ads and all, and never the actual runtime of animation or if the supposedly long episode will actually be multiple parts on streaming.
Get filtered scrubs, hope you normies never watch any Anime ever again.Go back and watch ur TikToks.
ratard comment section again?
hope the show's worth all this drama
"doesn't fit Frieren's world" dude out here wanted some bardcore OP on a 2023 Madhouse anime
Movie gets split into 4 parts, gets announced that the movie will be split for CR. People putting 2 and 2 together = 6
Kek it's like I never left /a/
Well atleast i agree that Yoasobi doesn't quite fit this anime, even a great singer has limitations and styles of anime. Its like asking Sawano to do a Slice of Life anime Openning (it might already happened and i don't know hahaha, but for me it would be crazy).
> Movie gets split into 4 parts, gets announced that the movie will be split for CR. People putting 2 and 2 together = 6 It's actually split on JP streaming sites too. Just the TV ver. was a special.
@Glordit Since I ain't smart enough to do the quote, While true, how many other people bothered to look into that part?
>Its like asking Sawano to do a Slice of Life anime Openning (it might already happened and i don’t know hahaha, but for me it would be crazy). No, it hasn't but it would be pretty cool.
@Sekai-Subs Hardly anyone sadly. Doing a simple Internet search is a momentous undertaking apparently 😒
Such a trash opening for peak fiction...
Upload the other 3 episodes please.
I have no interest in watching I just came for the comments
Yoasobi sounds worse than vocaloid software and thats a fucking low bar
well the guy behind it started off making vocaloid music so that should help explain their music quality
wow a bunch of dudes try to be edgy and hate on popular thing here
people actually care about OPs lmao.
some people here are so salty that they probably spawned from the Dead Sea
people? no. redditors? yes
Sir, this is Reddit's most anticipated new show
the OP's good. dunno why this place is overflowing with redditors tho
I love it when 4chan blames their own retardation on reddit
who is this 4 chan
worst part of it being split into 4 parts is listening to those 2 seconds of the OP, yikes
if split into 4 part, then this isnt one big episode anymore. Just like a 12 ep anime is not a big long movie.. I agree, the op is kinda mediocre, dunno why people hype this generic autotune stuff, literally just a variation to their previous stuff. At least the anime is more or less okay, though the drawing kinda mediocre and the cgi is ugly, dunno what happened to Madhouse recently.
People actually care about and listen to OP/EDs and shit? I thought everyone just skipped that shit... like 98% of them are borderline unlistenable
The ED is pretty damn lovely though
*Average Nyaa Comment section*
I am the 50th comment.
this many comments for the adaptation of a very mid manga. Unironically what the fuck? The manga literally is 7/10 then becomes 4/10 once it becomes a shounenshit battle arc. Why is this so popular?
i love pointless drama
It's the next big thing shilled by big japanese corpos. "muh 2 hours movie special" when it's just 4 episodes badly stitched into one lmao. they even hired that autotune whore just because she's mega popular. her song doesn't fit this series and she sounds even worse than early days vocaloid. god I hate yoasobi (lower case) so much it's unreal.
imagine thinking frieren is mid and shounen, what are we smoking? are people actually capable of reading?
Woah, so much hatred towards Yoasobi, but I get it. I agreed, the OP doesn’t even match with the whole premise of the series. For an anime that is bittersweet, I was expecting along the line “Tabi no Tochuu – Spice and Wolf OP” kind of OST. The current OP is like drinking orange juice after you brushed your teeth with toothpaste.
If only there was a button that let people skip through the parts of a video they don't want to watch
Frieren is serialized in weekly SHONEN sunday, moron @fuee and yea it's mid, actually it's downright terrible after the axe guy joined the party not even Toilet Evergarbage was this bad.
I like sassy comments. Imagine thinking people didn’t skip OP they didn’t like straight away. How stupid can you be, tho?
isn't this slice of life theme? goddammit.
wah my cartoon has bad writing
why does this trash anime merit so much seething. there's tons of idiotic anime series out there
Love to see this lively, the anime good or not had some effect :)
Such a good anime, another good season ahead of us!
i could go for a sandwich about now
Really nice anime.
Just want to chime in and make two brief points: 1. @Kamiyan93 - Cope, 'Murica is the ONLY country that matters. 2. Haven’t watched a millisecond of the show, but if this is Reddit’s Next Big Anime™, it’s trash. 3. Seems like the only thing this series will be good for is more doujins featuring loli elves. 4. This post contains four brief points rather than two 😎
Checked the first few manga chapters and it was instant trash, but then I saw the art with the big booba girl and decided to give the anime a try.