[Erai-raws] Synduality Noir - 12 [480p][Multiple Subtitle] [ENG][POR-BR][SPA-LA][SPA][FRE][GER][ITA][POR][POL][DUT][NOB][FIN][TUR][SWE][GRE][RUM][KOR][DAN][CHI][HUN][CES][SLO]

2023-09-26 04:21 UTC
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2 questions: Where are the 720p HEVC rls and what mean the [NOB] ? Norsk Bokmål?
>what mean the [NOB] ? https://www.erai-raws.info/abbreviations/
@natsuki, I never heard country id as NOB, i can recognize all others despite th fact, some countries does not call them as signed there. [Multiple Subtitle] [ENG][POR-BR][SPA-LA][SPA][FRE][GER][ITA][POR][POL][DUT][NOB][FIN][TUR][SWE][GRE][RUM][KOR][DAN][CHI][HUN][CES][SLO] RUM should be a booze fom Cuba, Romania should be ROM. I know, DUT means Holland / Netherland / Dutch but wtf with NOB? Norway / Norge must be NOR. 87% of the population uses the Bokmål, the rest uses Nynorsk, a terrible danish interpretation of the viking language.. Plus, on the link no such abbreviation as SLO.Slowakian or Slovenian? Both are derivatives a common slavic but differs.
@martinxk i don't even care. that's erai who decided on this, send them an email with your complaints.