[SubsPlus+] The Dreaming Boy Is a Realist - S01E12 (WEB 1080p ADN) (Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha)

2023-09-18 18:30 UTC
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*Completely automated release. Still in beta so expect occasional problems - Report issues and suggest improvements in comments.* *I am not affiliated with SubsPlease. This is a personal project that may stop at any time.* | | Source | |-----------|-------------------| | Video | ADN via Tsundere-Raws | | Audio | Hidive via Erai-raws | | Subtitles | Hidive (Modified) via Erai-raws | | Chapters | Automatic | --- **Enhancements automatically applied in this release:** - Main dialogue restyled to Gandhi-Sans styling - Timing post processor applied to patch up Hidive‘s terrible timing, snap to keyframe, etc. - Readable subtitles - Overlapping lines no longer shift positions when you're trying to read them - Signs have their proper fonts ripped (via Erai-raws) - Hidive's small font style for alternative speakers moved to top of screen - Basic song-styling if Hidive has songs translated (styling is same for all shows) - Overlapping main dialogue given blue outline to differentiate speakers - Fixed signs displaying on top of dialogue - Faux em-dashes converted to real ones - Proper stutter (W-what?! → Wh-What?!, S-s-s-subsplus → S-S-S-Subsplus) - Changed !? → ?! when applicable - OP & ED detection using animethemes api

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  • [SubsPlus+] The Dreaming Boy Is a Realist - S01E12 (WEB 1080p ADN) [7FB6233F].mkv (552.7 MiB)

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Batch for this soon. There's better video and audio available on Amazon jp only for rent at 220 yen per episode. If someone likes this show enough to rip it then please post to nyaa otherwise I'll probably just do ADN for the batch.