[NovaWorks] Gunma-chan - 10 [5D3BB967]

2023-09-06 02:44 UTC
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Didn't even finished a single series. Rip, I guess....
Gunma-chan isn't dropped.
For the record, Gunma is *my* project. I have all intentions to finish it regardless of what happened to the rest of the group.

NovaWorks (uploader)

This is true Dmon. I mentioned this in the blog post about our disbanding that you clearly did not read.
I just wish you wouldn't let out your frustrations here. It's had its fair share of delays but it's the most far removed from NovaWorks' problems. Really, the thing is that those same frustrations are a good part of why I insist on going forward with this. My work on some of the other projects went straight out the window, but as long as I'm in control on this, my work won't go to waste. Gunma-chan *will* be finished.
I'm in the wrong damn torrent, aren't I? One L please, I'll be taking it home.
Fair enough. Thanks for being understanding.
It was entirely my fault.
Although now this one's dead too, it seems.