[SubsPlus+] The Dreaming Boy Is a Realist - S01E10 (WEB 1080p ADN) (Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha)

2023-09-05 10:51 UTC
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*Completely automated release. Still in beta so expect occasional problems - Report issues and suggest improvements in comments.* *I am not affiliated with SubsPlease. This is a personal project that may stop at any time.* | | Source | |-----------|-------------------| | Video | ADN via Anonymous | | Audio | Hidive via Erai-raws | | Subtitles | Hidive (Modified) via Erai-raws | | Chapters | Automatic | --- **Enhancements automatically applied in this release:** - Main dialogue restyled to Gandhi-Sans styling - Timing post processor applied to patch up Hidive‘s terrible timing, snap to keyframe, etc. - Readable subtitles - Overlapping lines no longer shift positions when you're trying to read them - Signs have their proper fonts ripped (via Erai-raws) - Hidive's small font style for alternative speakers moved to top of screen - Basic song-styling if Hidive has songs translated (styling is same for all shows) - Overlapping main dialogue given blue outline to differentiate speakers - Fixed signs displaying on top of dialogue - Faux em-dashes converted to real ones - Proper stutter (W-what?! → Wh-What?!, S-s-s-subsplus → S-S-S-Subsplus) - Changed !? → ?! when applicable - OP & ED detection using animethemes api --- **Comment:** > Delay because Tsundere-Raws and IssouCorp are gone right now. Not sure if they'll be back for Helck tomorrow or not. > > Thanks again to anonymous for the video.

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  • [SubsPlus+] The Dreaming Boy Is a Realist - S01E10 (WEB 1080p ADN) [45D96A85].mkv (554.0 MiB)