[MrManager] Wallaby (What a Being!) - Kiyohiko Azuma

2023-08-29 12:11 UTC
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![Wallaby](https://i.imgur.com/YX6tsuS.png) This is a brand new scan and translation of the brief manga series "Wallaby (What a Being!)" by Kiyohiko Azuma. It originally ran for eight episodes over the course of December 1998 until Summer 2000 in GAME-JIN magazine. (As a fun fact, this run overlaps with the beginning of Azumanga Daioh's run in Dengenki Daioh, and Wallaby himself appears in a brief cameo during the cultural festival of that series!) After the series's conclusion, it was collected in a seperate booklet for inclusion with Azumanga 2, the same Pioneer-published collection that contained "Try! Try! Try!" (an early Yotsuba&! prototype). This booklet is what was scanned and translated for this release, and those pages can be found in the "Wallaby (What a Being!)" folder. Also included with Azumanga 2 was a CD-ROM containing a variety of webcomics from Azuma's personal website A-ZONE, along with some behind-the-scenes materials. In this release, all of the pages relating to Wallaby were translated and included in the "CD-ROM Web Pages" folder, simply open "clickme.html". Enjoy some early 2000s Japanese web design! As a bonus on the CD-ROM, you could get a variety of old, Windows 95-style pixel art icons of Wallaby. I have included that in the "icons" folder. A couple of notes about the scan: 1. This manga is read from left-to-right, just like any American comic. This is not a result of me mirroring the pages, but is rather because this was originally published in a gaming-focused magazine. 2. On page 16, there is an empty speech bubble. This is not a mistake on my part, and the original page also has missing text. I was able to confirm with someone else who owns another copy of Azumanga 2 that this is an issue with multiple copies and is not unique to the one I have. My theory is that the text that was originally going to be in the bubble was later changed to the handwritten line next to Kokoro, and there really wasn't an easy way to remove the bubble. Please enjoy this translation. I am quite new to fan-translating, but I must say this has been a very enjoyable and rewarding project. This definitely took more time compared to my translation of Try! Try! Try! (though to be fair I was also in the middle of a move :p), and between the two projects I have learned a lot about the entire process. I would like to continue scanlating into the future, so be on the lookout for my future releases! If you would like to get in contact with me, please send me an email at mrmanager@airmail.cc Check out my webzone at manga.mrmanager.org

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