Liella! 4th LoveLive! Tour ~brand new Sparkle~ CatChu! ver. <Day.1&2> (720p)

2023-08-29 12:00 UTC
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The second leg of Liella's 4th Live Tour is in the books, and what a weekend it wound up being! Throughout this weekend, we got Nonchan getting revenge on Beginners Rock, a teddy bear that didn't want to cooperate with Liyuu, and **oh my god** CatChu! Honestly, the album doesn't do their sound justice. Take a listen to their songs on the release, then take a listen to just how **raw** the performance is (especially on day 2) live. It's a completely different level of intensity and passion you just can't convey through a recorded medium. Some of the best performances so far from Paychan, Sayurin, and **especially** Yabuchan who has clearly leveled up her game. Because of the larger source files from e+, I will be providing **both** 1080p and 720p versions of my uploads whenever e+ is the source. This has been tested with the latest versions of VLC Media Player and MPV as of 8/29/23. Please seed if you can! Hit and runs only hurt those who come after you! **Please be patient about the initial seed. It can take multiple days for this seed to reach a level of saturation where everyone's download will speed up.**

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