Vagabond VIZBIG Omnibus 01-06 (2008-2010) (Scan-HQ)

2023-08-27 19:16 UTC
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Vagabond Omnibus 01–06 (2008–2010) (VIZBIG) (Scan-HQ) ====== ![Vagabond o01–06-spines-adb]( ___________________________________________________________________ ![Vagabond o01–06-covers-adb]( ___________________________________________________________________ I don't do DDL links anymore, but let me know on [Discord]( if the torrent is dead. ___________________________________________________________________ Get "Musashi", the Eiji Yoshikawa novel that this manga is based on [here]( ___________________________________________________________________ Our Website: [ColoredManga]( ![CM-Logo]( Scanned by: `[anon]` & `[Demetter]` Edited by: `[PZG]` _ scanned at 600dpi _ page res. ~2450x3700 _ every double page spread has been redrawn by hand to remove seam misalignments and give [the double pages a digital look]( ___________________________________________________________________ ☕ ___________________________________________________________________

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  • Vagabond o01–06 (2008–2010) (VIZBIG) (Scan)
    • Vagabond o01 (2008) (VIZBIG) (Scan).cbz (1.6 GiB)
    • Vagabond o02 (2008) (VIZBIG) (Scan).cbz (1.4 GiB)
    • Vagabond o03 (2009) (VIZBIG) (Scan).cbz (1.4 GiB)
    • Vagabond o04 (2009) (VIZBIG) (Scan).cbz (1.7 GiB)
    • Vagabond o05 (2009) (VIZBIG) (Scan).cbz (1.3 GiB)
    • Vagabond o06 (2010) (VIZBIG) (Scan).cbz (1.3 GiB)
next time can you use esovlp01-06 (edited/scan/omnibus volume/licensed print) that would make more sense and be better for us ppl who like to organize stuff good
Like LuCaZ or 1r0n trusted user. But appreciate it brother.
Thanks for this absolute goldmine!
nice release however art is clipped in the vizbig release VizBig ![VizBig]( Single Volumes ![Single Volumes]( it is the case for every page this scan ![this scan]( Single Volumes ![Single Volumes]( I also don't like the digital sharpening you guys do on some pages but that's just me

Phantom132 (uploader)

# Some of the Differences (Pros & Cons) between English Vagabond VIZBIGs and Single Vols ## 1) TRANSLATION: . The VIZBIG makes many (mostly minor) tweaks and improvements over the Single Vols. ### A) SFX . Most of these are the changes in the SFX, many of which were simply left out or left untranslated in the Single Vols, but were added in in the VIZBIGs. These include minor changes in the font choices to and typesetting to make the lettering more uniform across chapters. ### B) TEXT . For the text itself, there are more changes made in the initial volumes, where at times the translation was subpar in the Single Vols, but corrected extensively in the VIZBIGs, example: _Single Vol. 01 ![alt text]( _VIZBIG Omnibus 01 ![alt text]( . Later volumes show mostly minor tweaks, like adding the ‘outside of bubble text’ that was simply left out in the Single volumes, example ahead in the Page comparison. These include minor changes in the font choices to and typesetting to make the text more uniform across chapters.

Phantom132 (uploader)

## 2) PAGE Colour, Quality, Dimensions & Cropping ### A) Colour and Quality: . Much better in the VIZBIGs, with thicker pages (so the print on the other side of the paper isn’t visible, making colour correction post scanning easier and with less loss of detail, albeit sharper edges), cleaner lines, lighter whites, darker blacks, more dynamic colours, etc. - Comparison (Colour Pages) _Single Vol. 03 ![alt text]( ![alt text]( _VIZBIG Omnibus 01 ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ### B) Cropping and Dimensions: - Much better in the Single Vols. - Physical page size (in cm): ~ Single Vol 14.50 x 20.60 ~ VIZBIG 14.80 x 21.85 - Dimensions Comparison _ Side by Side ![alt text]( - This difference in physical page dimensions means the cropping is different for both versions. The Single Vols retain more of the art on the left and right of the pages, whereas the VIZBIGS retain more of the art on the top and bottom of the pages. Neither retains all the art in the production pages, but the Single Vols cut out much less of the art overall, and is the better choice here because the horizontal edges have more important details and text than the vertical edges. - Cropping Comparison _Single Vol. 03 ![alt text]( ![alt text]( _VIZBIG Omnibus 01 ![alt text]( ![alt text](
Should I grab this instead of Scans?