Liella! 4th LoveLive! Tour ~brand new Sparkle~ KALEIDOSCORE ver. <Day.1&2> (720p)

2023-08-23 12:46 UTC
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And Liella's **fourth** live series is officially underway! This live saw a number of firsts, most notably Yuina and Saku-chan performing on stage with the other nine members! Lots of emotions this weekend, especially for Saku-chan, who was riding a wave of firsts. This weekend also saw a few new 11-member versions of songs, KALEOIDOSCORE's first few performances (with hand mics!!!), and Kumachan's hair doing whatever it damn well pleased on Day 1. I elected to swap to e+ from PIA for this live, as I wanted to compare quality. The source from e+ definitely seems better when compared to PIA source, but obtaining a usable copy of the file that actually grabbed all chunks of the file proved to be more difficult than it should have been. I've reviewed the files, though, and I don't see anything glaring about them. Considering these are H.265 re-encodes of the originals, you shouldn't encounter any playback issues or artifacting beyond what was present in the source. Because of the larger source files from e+, I will be providing **both** 1080p and 720p versions of my uploads whenever e+ is the source. This has been tested with the latest versions of VLC Media Player and MPV as of 8/23/23. Please seed if you can! Hit and runs only hurt those who come after you!

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