Release That Witch (by Er Mu)[Complete]

2023-08-19 15:46 UTC
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Downloaded from [OceanofEpub]( (which is where you can also find the PDF version and unedited ePub version) + Replaced the cover with the official (and translated) webnovel version, added the 3 missing side story chapters (because of which I had to redo the bookmarks and table of contents) This is my 2nd time using Calibre so if any mistakes were made... feel free to fix them. There is a map included but you can find different and higher res versions here The translation group is unknown and is the same (at least in the beginning) as the one on [ReadNovelFull](, based on the first chapter the translation on Webnovel is a little different and maybe a little better, so if anyone has it (or can get it) I would love to get a copy of it. More info at: [NovelUpdates]( | [MangaUpdates](

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