[Trix] Chainsaw Man - Season 1 (COMPLETE) [Dual Audio] [Multi Subs] (BD 720p AV1) - VOSTFR

2023-08-05 18:38 UTC
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[MediaInfo](https://rentry.co/mwm4rs/raw) | **Chainsaw Man [(MyAnimeList)](https://myanimelist.net/anime/44511/)** :---:|:---:|:---: **_Video Codec / Settings_** | AV1 10-bit _**/**_ aom-av1-lavish: CPU-2/3, CQ30 + auto-boost algorithm **_Audio Language_** | Japanese (Opus 2.0 - 96kbps), English (AAC 2.0 - 128kbps) **_Subtitles_** | English Full [GJM], English Signs/Songs [GJM], Portuguese(Brazil), Spanish(Latin_America), Spanish, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Russian **Sources** | [sam BD v2](https://nyaa.si/view/1698580), CR [Cover](https://www.themoviedb.org/t/p/original/sB2DASpJtfnTs7iK3RqkUMFVDEa.jpg) | [More AV1 releases](https://nyaa.si/?f=0&c=0_0&q=AV1) *** Thanks to the people involved in this release, including the sources. Great improvement over the WEB release in both size and quality, by using a way better source and more smartly distributing bitrate where it's most needed. Also it sports the english dub, quite a feat considering the WEB release was larger than this one. Enjoy! *** > **For the best playback experience, use *preferably* [**MPV**](https://iamscum.wordpress.com/guides/videoplayback-guide/ "MPV setup guide for PC, also available on the Play Store"), or MPC-HC with the [K-Lite Codec Pack](http://www.codecguide.com/download_k-lite_codec_pack_full.htm "Easy way to get MadVR setup :)").** *** > Want to report an issue with the torrent? Know what's planned next? Learn more about AV1? Join the **[AV1 anime discord](https://discord.gg/83dRFDFDp7)**

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  • [Trix] Chainsaw Man Season 1 - AV1 MiNi
    • [Trix] Chainsaw Man S01E01 (BD 720p AV1) [8707168D].mkv (145.1 MiB)
    • [Trix] Chainsaw Man S01E02 (BD 720p AV1) [C0066B34].mkv (147.3 MiB)
    • [Trix] Chainsaw Man S01E03 (BD 720p AV1) [432187F9].mkv (183.0 MiB)
    • [Trix] Chainsaw Man S01E04 (BD 720p AV1) [E96085E1].mkv (177.3 MiB)
    • [Trix] Chainsaw Man S01E05 (BD 720p AV1) [8DEA92B3].mkv (210.0 MiB)
    • [Trix] Chainsaw Man S01E06 (BD 720p AV1) [BAE660DE].mkv (159.0 MiB)
    • [Trix] Chainsaw Man S01E07 (BD 720p AV1) [3579E291].mkv (157.0 MiB)
    • [Trix] Chainsaw Man S01E08 (BD 720p AV1) [1D96BCD4].mkv (137.9 MiB)
    • [Trix] Chainsaw Man S01E09 (BD 720p AV1) [F709FDF2].mkv (194.6 MiB)
    • [Trix] Chainsaw Man S01E10 (BD 720p AV1) [A6D5E364].mkv (211.3 MiB)
    • [Trix] Chainsaw Man S01E11 (BD 720p AV1) [2F6832B2].mkv (161.5 MiB)
    • [Trix] Chainsaw Man S01E12 (BD 720p AV1) [0073E6D8].mkv (159.9 MiB)
Thank you for the AV1 encodes. I also encode to AV1 using AOMEnc as the back-end. I use FFMPEG as a front-end. I think that when you have 1080p YUV420 input, scaling the luma layer down to match the dimensions of the chroma layer is going to work better than scaling to 720p. The result is then not chroma subsampled and it makes processing power available -- either decrease processing or apply it for better compression. For an example encode where that is done, see https://nyaa.si/view/1623659

NekoTrix (uploader)

No it won't because you lose hardware AV1 support which is a big deal. AV1 handles the chroma planes really well, if you're really worried about it, you can use chroma qp offsets in your encoding parameters.
nice to see a 720p version of the BD, having 2 gb instead of 9 or 49 (wtf sam) makes this more approachable, hopefully not losing out on much detail but it's hard for me to process 1080p quality anyway