[mSubs-Inka] Gear Fighter Dendoh [1-12 Batch]

2023-07-15 17:11 UTC
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![dendoh1-12](https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEhTePFDVZWoJRXjt0XCiHdxCKljqdEhf6PMfq4B6A3rt-glJYhu5MkRiIxW8cT1xZU_Idp1Prj_HuUIPNZ_y3E7aM8yIcQRd6f0assZ84d8p2h2VQXM0nrBKLVlq1-8_uDqOaKLo2Radj3xj3jL39wzrYCrGGBlR_ih-9P0yZVoRy36VZAjOWN256vmoubB/w800/1-2.png) Elementary school students Hokuto and Ginga must pilot the GEAR organization's robot Dendoh to save the world from the mechanical alien empire Galpha. Done in joint with /m/subs, read [their writeup](https://msubsreleases.wordpress.com/2023/07/15/m-subs-inka-gear-fighter-dendoh-1-12) on this release too. | Role | Staff | | ----------- | ----------- | | Encoding, Translation Checker | starseeker | | Timer, Editor, Typesetter | TougeWolf | | Translator | Lexi | | Quality Check | R042, Sharp, AGundam, darkcart (episode 1) | [Email](mailto:inka.subs@gmail.com) | [Discord](https://discord.gg/dcxuRvg)

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  • [mSubs-Inka] Gear Fighter Dendoh [1-12 Batch]
    • [mSubs-Inka] Gear Fighter Dendoh - 01.mkv (428.2 MiB)
    • [mSubs-Inka] Gear Fighter Dendoh - 02.mkv (415.3 MiB)
    • [mSubs-Inka] Gear Fighter Dendoh - 03.mkv (421.0 MiB)
    • [mSubs-Inka] Gear Fighter Dendoh - 04.mkv (388.7 MiB)
    • [mSubs-Inka] Gear Fighter Dendoh - 05.mkv (401.0 MiB)
    • [mSubs-Inka] Gear Fighter Dendoh - 06.mkv (434.6 MiB)
    • [mSubs-Inka] Gear Fighter Dendoh - 07.mkv (412.9 MiB)
    • [mSubs-Inka] Gear Fighter Dendoh - 08.mkv (409.8 MiB)
    • [mSubs-Inka] Gear Fighter Dendoh - 09.mkv (389.9 MiB)
    • [mSubs-Inka] Gear Fighter Dendoh - 10.mkv (391.2 MiB)
    • [mSubs-Inka] Gear Fighter Dendoh - 11.mkv (372.2 MiB)
    • [mSubs-Inka] Gear Fighter Dendoh - 12.mkv (371.0 MiB)
Best show we've done in ages tbh.
dubbed/ subbed 720p or mini mkv's
Oh yeah the good shit
@TougeWolf_ I was asking questions about this since the uploader failed to add information about this. but its ok, i just found out its dinotech so i'll pass
You found out that a show only release on DVD and produced natively at 480 was... in 480p?
Mentioning source and resolution big scary and evil
@TougeWolf_ there was also a DTV version that was dropped.
Thank you for this.
id want evidence dtv is better than dvd, most of the time it isnt. enable https on your blog broskis.

darkcart (uploader)

@tonikaku alright, i finally looked into it and it should be working now.
the power is coursing through my fingers, 2 free announcements just telling you what to do
Thank you so much for posting this ^_^ Hope to get all 38 episodes subbed in softsub English :D :D :D