[NovaWorks] Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible - 06 [B543E139]

2023-06-20 22:23 UTC
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### Join our [Discord Server](https://discord.gg/qAbcZgjp53) for the latest release updates! #### Want to submit general feedback or contribute to Public QC? Submit a ticket [here](https://forms.gle/FFtL3B31aDA7n2Kf7)! --- ### 06 - Nurse's Office and Main Character Also known as the "Reaction to Komi being dropped" comment section! ![kubo06_preview](https://files.catbox.moe/5glnkw.png) --- ### STAFF ![kubo_staff](https://files.catbox.moe/1ge0c3.png) --- ### Remarks And we're back! And Komi is dropped! ~~I'm sure some of you had money riding on that.~~ For more details as to why we were on hiatus and why Komi was dropped, please read [this blog post](https://novaworks.zahuczky.com/2023/06/19/the-future-of-novaworks/) for more info. Roboco, Kubo, and Gunma continues though, so for those who will stick around, look forward to that! For everyone else, thanks for the support regardless. Komi was the biggest and most intensive project I've personally ever worked on, and I'm still proud of what we accomplished. Roboco will be returning sooner rather than later. It's also getting a movie next year! Kubo 07 will probably be our next release though, so see you then! --- *NovaWorks releases are designed for playback in mpv. Other media players have not been tested and may result in playback issues.*

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We just got Kubo'd
"And Komi is dropped!" Shocking.
dogshit group. yawn.
Okay then, what release should I watch for Komi
For Komi, go grab NekoYu`
@DmonHiro You absolutely can not have an opinion in translation quality if you think NekoYu was better than the official subs.
Fair enough: grab the v2s from the batch from NekoYu`. No clue on the first episodes, but I watched 07-12 from their batch, and it was fine. Either way, suit yourself. You probably don't know Japanese anyway.
"I’m sure some of you had money riding on that." Yes I did actually. Thanks for the meme release though.
You were on hiatus? (With your release speed) I never noticed.
On one hand, I sympathize with you guys for having to do such intensive work on Komi and I can tell you guys truly put a lot of effort into it, and I imagine it's stressful trying to keep up with your group's interests, the demands on it and all. --But on the other, yeah, I can't lie that I am a bit bummed that it's dropped, we probably won't see another fansub for Komi with that much quality. You guys truly proved to a lot of people that fansubs do have their place despite the prominence of simulsubs when the majority of people have long written them off as dead. I always wished that I could use your subs to show people how laughable the "efforts" from licensing corporates are, but I also get that doing stuff for free is not easy and especially when the other most viable alternatives are making money off that. I rather have you guys do this through your honest love and passion than because of pressure and expectations. That said. I feel like I might prefer if you guys continue to work on niche, unsubbed titles so you guys can work on them slowly while still maintaining your high-quality subs and typesetting without the pressure of a bigger audience/faster release from official simulsubs. Robocco, Gunma-chan, and Mazica do seem like the titles you've done that fit that and I'm sure audiences for niche/unlicensed shows like that are more patient about slower releases.
"You guys truly proved to a lot of people that fansubs do have their place despite the prominence of simulsubs" Uhm, they did the exact opposite of that. An unfinished fanubs is worthless, and serves to remind us how fucking horrible it used to be to DEPEND on fansubs.