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2023-06-18 04:33 UTC
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This is the older Localdata folder of Master Duel and most suited playable on Ygomaster offline mod because it has more cards up to Selection 5 in OCG JP (PLEASE READ NOTES for installation) (This is a mirror from @sama in Requiem Discord and thanks to him for this and also for the genius developer Pixeltris for great offline mod to practice Master Duel) Notes: (Only for Ygomaster Offline Mod not the Steam Online) (Important to make separate folder of your Online Steam and Ygomaster folder offline) 1. Extract this LocalData.zip to your offline folder 2. Copy the following files from Steam Master Duel folder to your Offline Folder (Folder link screenshot: https://imgur.com/yBXHkKI) IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not copy your default LocalData folder because its locked by Konami 3. If you want the unreleased cards on the game you need to download this torrent (Link: https://nyaa.si/view/1683818) 4. Transfer it to ygomaster folder and you can play via YgoMasterClient.exe 5. Disable the ingame 2D cut in animations in offline mod because it will freeze your game 6. On your ygomaster folder (YgoMaster\Data\ClientData) there a txt file you need to edit "ClientSettings" on notepad 7. Edit the "DuelClientDisableCutinAnimations" to "true" NOTE: THIS IS OFFLINE MOD ONLY YOU CANNOT TRANSFER OR ELSE IN STEAM ONLINE please seed and help the people who got their files locked by Konami or wants to play the unreleased cards Discord Server: https://discord.gg/eRaVtSCV

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dembercorrales01 (uploader)

For those wondering what is Ygomaster Offline Mod go to this link https://github.com/pixeltris/YgoMaster

dembercorrales01 (uploader)

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