[Tsukihimates] Tsukihime ~A Piece of Blue Glass Moon~ Full Moon Patch - 2023.06.17.ca846e197 [English]

2023-06-17 17:00 UTC
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Our translation of Tsukihime Remake is finally complete. Thank you for waiting, and we hope that the time and love furnished by our contributors shines through in the finished product. Here's to the next Olympics. Version: 2023.06.17.ca846e197 ---------------------------------------- More details and installation instructions here: https://tsukihimates.com/patch/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/tsukihimates Website: https://tsukihimates.com/

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  • [Tsukihimates] Tsukihime ~A Piece of Blue Glass Moon~ Full Moon Patch [English].nsp (2.3 GiB)
Thanks for the hard work Now we wait until 2035 for them to release the Far Side
Deep thanks to your team guys. Your work deserves praise seriously.
Many thanks to the team for their great work 🙏
Thank you so much for all the team's hard work!
Thank you guys for your efforts
I've been waiting years for this. Thank you!!!!!
Now this is some amazing food, thanks!
This is for Switch Emulator right? I thought there would be a custom PC version or so? I still can't believe this still doesn't have PC version. Same with the Mahoutsukai/Witch of the Holy Knight English which was only PS4/Switch. Just put it on PC please Type-Moon. How many entries do they plan on doing? Three like FFVII Remake Series? As always, THANKS FOR THE GODLIKE WORK!!
thank you and fuck Type-Moon and Nintendon't its time to emulate this shit
This is only playable for owners of a hackable Switch since you need files from a Switch to use the Switch emulators. The V2 and OLED model Switch are not hackable.
Thanks for the hard work everyone! ------------ @SomaHeir The game runs perfectly fine on Yuzu. I'm running it on Steam Deck right now and it's flawless. @Shaun You can set up Yuzu or Ryujinx without a Switch, just download the keys online. Also: Mariko (V2), Lite, and OLED are all hackable now, using modchips.
I don't recommend the use of modchips at all as it requires mini soldering (I don't have the tools required and soldering is not an option for me at all because my hands shake too much) and are just way to risky, high chance you could ruin your Switch, so they don't count as an option at least for me.
Anyone know if v1.0.2 (v131072) is stll the latest update of the game?
you gotta install this over the base game, not 1.0.2
^So it won't work on an updated game? Would the update still work after installing the english patch?
fairly sure its baked in