[scoot] Lupin the Third The Fuma Conspiracy [DVD 480p HEVC AC3]

2023-06-17 00:44 UTC
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[Vapoursynth script](https://github.com/c0mp-f/my-vapoursynth-scripts/blob/master/scoot/The%20Fumo%20Conspiracy.vpy) | [Mediainfo](https://pastebin.com/Ps0sYprh) | [Comparison](https://slow.pics/c/rnmLTlbA) ___ Filterchain: SIVTC, edgefixing, chroma denoise, dehalo (fuck DVDs), scenefiltered deblock (fuck DVDs), dering. ___ Staff: Encode: scoot Editing: scoot Timing: Playernine009 Song styling: anon Typesetting: anon Moral support: anon QC: scoot ___ This is my first larger project. First of all, I'm going to note that sxales (the only release that wasn't terribly dated) was excluded from this comparison because it very easily desynced because of a different automated IVTC used (edit: [nvm](https://slow.pics/c/rnmLTlbA)). The source has a good amount of film grain all over, and my encode preserves it. My encode also uses Zewia-approved IVTC and has the correct aspect ratio (scoot W) The sxales encode also seems to run a [nuke chroma denoise](https://slow.pics/c/SgQwkXkY), which is confusing because that was absolutely unnecessary Second of all, it seems like all this movie essentially had was officials, which had an ellipsis/comma spam and was horrifically literal. It seemed to use an ellipsis to indicate they were going to split a subtitle (so, quite often). Originally, this was just going to be an encode, but I very quickly found this intolerable. I sought out an editor and a timer, but I evidently only found one of these. I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering most people tend to work on seasonals, but in any case I think this is your best choice, both subtitle and video wise. The subs were also restyled because they looked [horrendous](https://slow.pics/c/jtaPdryy).

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  • [scoot] Lupin the Third The Fuma Conspiracy [249A0843].mkv (4.1 GiB)
Hi scoot, Can you kindly do the bluray release of Mob Psycho 100 S3? It is already out!

seezeromp (uploader)

Uh, it's on the table. I kind of wanted to assemble a team for that, I just haven't gotten off my lazy ass. Rest assured, I know there are a couple talented encoders interested in doing Mob, so you'll probably be spoiled for choice in terms of encodes. I also wanted to do encodes for Lupin part 5 and 6, so I'll be dividing my time between those and Mob and more.
Hello. Thank you for your work. After so many years, someone finally made a quality encode of this movie. But why the original display aspect ratio at 4:3 from the DVD would be wrong? And so to have it modified at 3:2. [Comparisons](https://slow.pics/c/VmFTCwnk) Most (if not every) DVD releases, when pixel number from the source is untouched, show something similar, which is like 720x480, to be displayed with a 4:3 video aspect ratio. Result is 540 pixels in height, not being "real" encoded pixels. Sure it is a legacy from the past, but why would this be wrong if at the end the geometry displayed is correct?

seezeromp (uploader)

[Here's](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1068596221129805885/1131675828300820540/delta) an xdelta patch. Real v2 later.
Thank you. I will hope for v2. ^^