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Cosmic Stravaganza is a single of the "Invasion Zone" Solo Album by Ricardo Cruz, the member of the famous J-Rock band, Jam Project. ![alt text]( "Cosmic Stravaganza") ![alt text]( "Logo Title Text 1") ![alt text]( "Logo Title Text 1") This is a karaoke styled fansub in english and brazilian portuguese of the Single's MV and I'm planning on subbing every single from this album he has been releasing, depending on the reception of this one. I talked to Ricardo himself and he allowed the subs releases ;) Ricardo Cruz participated in-studio with [JAM Project]( for the first time in 2005, starting with "Neppu Cybuster Shippu!". In 2006, he performed as part of the group with the original leader [Ichirou Mizuki]( on another single, "Stormbringer". Shortly after in 2007, he shared the stage for the first time in the group's fourth live concert, JAM Project JAPAN CIRCUIT 2007 Break-Out. He wrote the lyrics for the song "Sempre Sonhando ~Yume Oibito~" on JAM Project's 6th best album in 2006, Get over the Border. In 2009 he collaborated with [Kouji Wada]( to produce a song in Japanese and Portuguese. On September 17, 2010, Ricardo joined up with JAM Project once more for their Reunion concert, where the original members sang with the current members. Ricardo returned to work with JAM Project in Japan in late 2011 and early 2012 for their Go! Go! GOING!! world tour. He wrote the track "Cross World" on Hironobu Kageyama's 2012 album Rock Japan. In June 2014 started a [YouTube channel]( called MugenLab where he talks about his trips to Japan and his career. On July 20, he debuted his EP called On the Rocks in 2014 at the annual anime convention [Anime Friends]( Also in 2014, he and other Brazilian singers created the project called " Cavaleiros in Concert" which is a concert with songs of the anime [Saint Seiya]( performed by Ricardo, Rodrigo Rossi, Larissa Tassi and [Edu Falaschi]( They took this concert to several cities in Brazil. In 2019, he composed and sang in JAM Project's opening theme for the second season of [One-Punch Man]( The song is titled "Seijaku no Apostle" (静寂のアポストル, lit. "The Silent Apostle") in Japanese, or "Uncrowned Greatest Hero" internationally. Cruz also appeared in the music video.

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