[XerBlade] Bocchi the Rock! (BD 1080p x265 10-bit Opus)

2023-05-25 20:45 UTC
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Just a quickie side project while I'm working on my main thing. The subs are restyled Crunchyroll. No extras because I don't care. All-encompassing mega-releases take a really long time when you have a life and are doing all of the work yourself. Hence just restyled Crunchyroll subs instead of anything fancy. Video: 1080p x265 10-bit (HEVC main10) Audio: Japanese (Opus) Subtitles: English (ASS)

File list

  • [XerBlade] Bocchi the Rock! (BD 1080p x265 10-bit Opus)
    • [XerBlade] Bocchi the Rock! - 01 - Lonely Rolling Bocchi [BD 1080p x265 10-bit Opus][38F6BADC].mkv (237.0 MiB)
    • [XerBlade] Bocchi the Rock! - 02 - See You Tomorrow [BD 1080p x265 10-bit Opus][6B2BEB60].mkv (236.4 MiB)
    • [XerBlade] Bocchi the Rock! - 03 - Be Right There [BD 1080p x265 10-bit Opus][85675265].mkv (291.4 MiB)
    • [XerBlade] Bocchi the Rock! - 04 - Jumping Girl(s) [BD 1080p x265 10-bit Opus][5F9E8701].mkv (276.4 MiB)
    • [XerBlade] Bocchi the Rock! - 05 - Flightless Fish [BD 1080p x265 10-bit Opus][311471D3].mkv (254.3 MiB)
    • [XerBlade] Bocchi the Rock! - 06 - Eight Views [BD 1080p x265 10-bit Opus][E699BF6D].mkv (245.9 MiB)
    • [XerBlade] Bocchi the Rock! - 07 - To Your House [BD 1080p x265 10-bit Opus][C74C4D88].mkv (250.7 MiB)
    • [XerBlade] Bocchi the Rock! - 08 - Bocchi the Rock [BD 1080p x265 10-bit Opus][5E783196].mkv (260.8 MiB)
    • [XerBlade] Bocchi the Rock! - 09 - Enoshima Escar [BD 1080p x265 10-bit Opus][34649A23].mkv (271.2 MiB)
    • [XerBlade] Bocchi the Rock! - 10 - After Dark [BD 1080p x265 10-bit Opus][2D0E2587].mkv (235.2 MiB)
    • [XerBlade] Bocchi the Rock! - 11 - Duodecimal Sunset [BD 1080p x265 10-bit Opus][29746E7D].mkv (242.8 MiB)
    • [XerBlade] Bocchi the Rock! - 12 - Morning Light Falls on You [BD 1080p x265 10-bit Opus][3A3700C9].mkv (221.9 MiB)
Thanks for the effort, however the JPBD's video is horrendous (plenty of lowpassed scenes) and CR is better. You could've used it as your source instead.
hey they said it's low effort which means they didn't even bother seeing if the BDs look better than existing video sources

XerBlade (uploader)

Actually I've only even watched the BDs. In terms of effort... it was low effort by my standards, but it's probably still more effort than the vast majority of basic BD releases on Nyaa, which are practically spat out by an assembly line. I confirmed the overall sub timing for every episode (which turned out to be easy because the Crunchyroll and BD timings are identical), I trimmed the empty black video padding from the ends of the videos (it bugs me just how many people don't even do that much), I adjusted the chapter markers down to the sub-frame, I tuned the encoder settings to the type of visuals this show has... But I normally edit the subs (if not make new ones from scratch) and sometimes tune encoder settings per-video. And I don't even upload the results most of the time. It's all just my OCD. Pretty much the only reason I uploaded this one is the only existing Blu-ray release had substandard audio quality when I downloaded a couple of episodes to check.
What is the big project that you're working on?

XerBlade (uploader)

A version of Eminence in Shadow to go with my version of the specials. Including a version of the specials with the subs retimed to the BD audio—people have already been using my subs for their BD releases, but without retiming them, lol. Which I would already be long done with if I were made of free time. Which itself is a distraction from my attempt at making new subs for Yu Yu Hakusho that I might eventually finish in a few years.
>Actually I’ve only even watched the BDs. no one was implying you'd be able to tell the difference just by watching each version wtf also sounds like you could've saved yourself a lot of time and effort
I appreciate the the retimed subs! We can wait until someone does their own stylized one (Probably will be a few months or so).
Why only 3 gigabytes?
>Why only 3 gigabytes? because the crappy visual of modern anime doesn't require more

XerBlade (uploader)

I mean, that's not how I would've put it, but yeah, there's less detail to preserve, so the encoder just didn't need to assign as many bits to it. These same settings would've resulted in much larger file sizes on something like Bleach or Demon Slayer. Granted, I wouldn't have used these same settings for those.
A lot of whining in the description for whats otherwise a competent release. At least Bocchi BD release is better than anything Pierrot has spit out the past 5 years.
Any update on your Eminence in Shadow release?