[RaptoR] Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive- Scherzo of Deep Night (2022) (BD Remux 1080p AVC H.264 TrueHD Atmos 7.1) | Gekijouban Sword Art Online: Progressive - Kuraki Yuuyami no Scherzo

2023-05-24 03:48 UTC
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24.4 GiB
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Video JPN BD Remux 1920x1080p AVC H.264 8-bit Audio #1 Japanese 7.1 TrueHD Atmos (default) #2 Japanese 5.1 FLAC 24-bit #3 Japanese 2.0 FLAC 24-bit #4 Japanese 2.0 DTS Headphone:X #5 Japanese Audio Description 2.0 FLAC 16-bit #6 Japanese Commentary 2.0 AC-3 192 kb/s (Cast: Kawahara Reki, Tomatsu Haruka, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Minase Inori, Izawa Shiori, MC Yoshida Naoki) Subtitles #1 English PGS (default) #2 Japanese PGS Chapters: Numbered Notes: JPN BDMV from KoushinRip. PCM and TrueHD 5.1 audio converted to FLAC. Just like the previous Progressive movie: great audio options but not so great video quality. [Use MPV](https://iamscum.wordpress.com/guides/videoplayback-guide/) | [MyAnimeList](https://myanimelist.net/anime/50275) | [AniDB](https://anidb.net/anime/16951) | [MediaInfo](https://bin.disroot.org/?b9e9de070b6559fc#2v3J4GGaxwMUmNDe9ZzTBfNcu2gfmAmVCAM9eJooTYko) | [eac3to](https://bin.disroot.org/?0e4bddb06f058065#4uJHkSGQBc7KjRiMxKisfCKwLBMpkgsHF8GGLp87uYJe) ![Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive- Scherzo of Deep Night (2022)](https://i.slow.pics/Nby4J1ai.png)

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  • Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive- Scherzo of Deep Night (2022) (BD Remux 1080p AVC TrueHD Atmos) [A1E9802C] [RaptoR].mkv (24.4 GiB)
10 bit avc is a waste of money/energy
will waiting for a smaller size... hopefully there will be one to be uploaded in a few hours
Many audio track is waste of size Just upload it with one audio track (like Japanese 2.0 FLAC 24-bit)
24GB is too large for me. I hope make it smaller size
@maroon1 Awful take. It's a movie and you get audio tracks which correspond to pretty much every audio configuration people have (Atmos/7.1, 5.1, stereo, and DTS: Headphone X if you like it).
stereo is all you need. humans only have two ears after all.
i must be surrounded by clangs.
@ts92... I hope you're not being serious. That's like saying you only need 2D because you only have two eyes.
If you download a bdmv or a bd remux and then complain about it being "too big" then I'm afraid you're either a total idiot or a fucking dumbass. WTF? And converting Dolby True HD or DTD HD Master Audio or pcm or any lossless format to flac just to save a small amount of hdd space is a false economy-don't even get me started on lossy shit like opus and various kinds of aac, etc.
Thanks for all the audio options, it will be sure to accommodate any home theater configuration I have going forward. To those who are complaining... just remove the audio tracks you don't want.
No appreciation for quality huh... Nice upload OP
Guys. Just to help you guys choose the best video quality of the 2, I maximized both movies at 9:36 on my 4K OLED monitor and TV, and on her armor, there were more artifacts and slight aliasing on the drawing in the armor on RaptoR's H264 encoded video than there were on Argo's Cats's H265 encoded video. So for archiving sake and for future proofing with the better quality of the 2, it turns out that Argo's Cats version will be better even though the file size is smaller. They already have the same TrueHD 7.1 Atmos and DTS:X 2.0 Headphone audio files as RaptoR's version; both at 3.06 GB and 729 MB respectively which is exactly the same file size. And as for the subtitle, Argo's Cats's is styled while this retains only the BD pgs file and is not styled. Nevertheless of which video quality is better. I appreciate both uploaders for taking their time to create these videos for us all and allowing us to choose whichever to go with. (The reason I downloaded both is because I wanted to combine the best parts of the 2 files into my own. But it turns out, I didn't really have to. So that's my take and findings as someone who wants the best video and audio quality along with a nice styled subtitle.) Edit: Beatrice-Raws mentioned that the ITA BD version has better quality than the low bitrate JP BD version. They already have that video file for the 1st movie and comparison link in their description. So for best quality archival sake do consider Beatrice-Raws for the overall higher bitrate yet smaller file size once the ITA BD version is out for the second movie.