[Luurah-Anonyneko] Chou-Gattai Majutsu Robo Ginguiser - 01 [0714EE4B].mkv

2023-04-15 22:54 UTC
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inb4 "why" Re-releases of Luurah Productions' Ginguiser fansubs. Better source and touched-up scripts. Planning to complete the series unless Discotek licenses it first (which likely depends on whether the tapes' preservation project will result in a remaster). Video: DVD, 700x540 (720x480 data with 4:3 DAR and 2x10px of black bars). Not cropped like the old WMV rips. --- A few years ago, I helped Luurah with TLC/TL of Ginguiser, mostly because of the /m/emes. Unfortunately, the project folded after 11 episodes due to everyone having more important things to do in life than fansubbing a notoriously low-budget show from the 70s. But translated scripts of all episodes still exist, and I also bought the DVDs — as the old WMVs are rather terrible. Since then, the show was also thrown up on Amazon and dAnime — but those are mediocre encodes of the same bad source. And it is a really bad source. The telecining and frame blending is dreadful in many episodes. Also, every 3-5 seconds, on every scene change, the frames are physically torn on the bottom, which causes annoying flicker while watching. The old raws cropped away a portion of the screen, but I'm trying to avoid that by freezing healthy frames where possible. Takes time, so I might stop doing that and fix it for the batch later. There are other issues, too — dirt, audio, etcetera. Not unusual for an old throwaway project of the time. To think this was originally going to involve Yoshikazu Yasuhiko among other well-known creators... Non-exhaustive credits for this episode, plus Starseeker, whose [mSubs] release this was originally based on: https://luurah.wordpress.com/2015/07/27/ginguiser01-02/ The blog post mentions Dynit DVDs, but while it was a starting point back then, by now it's just a normal full translation from Japanese. Many thanks to all those who helped me with Vapoursynth wizardry, and to those who shared with me the WIP files for the unreleased episodes. Without either of that I wouldn't have started doing this. I'll upload the DVD ISO or an mkv remux of it some time later, for posterity's sake.

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  • [Luurah-Anonyneko] Chou-Gattai Majutsu Robo Ginguiser - 01 [0714EE4B].mkv (270.0 MiB)
sounds absolutely fucking awful, i'm going to love it. thanks!