Suzume no Tojimari (2022) (1080p CAM)[Official English Subs] | すずめの戸締まり [464005A6]

2023-04-15 04:13 UTC
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Source | Video | Audio | Subtitles --- | --- | --- | --- ****** | `1920x1080 HEVC` | `Japanese` | `English (Hard Sub)` ### *Weekly Release’s DDL can be found in =>* **[Telegram Channel](** [![IMAGE ALT TEXT HERE](]( ### **>>🌟 Someone could probably make a better release by cropping it** **Encoder :** `HarukiOwO` **Screenshots :** ![Comingimg]( ![Comingimg]( ![Comingimg]( ![Comingimg]( ![Comingimg]( ![Comingimg]( ![Comingimg](

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is it really that hard to crop a video?

Haruki_04 (uploader)

feeling lazy to crop a video if no one does i will do it for sure @3du-54n
nice 720p jpg screenshots

Haruki_04 (uploader)

@ShinGLC lol that true🤣🤣
Oh, this version not focused on the seat, The screen ratio is 2.25:1? Or just cropped?
Just break down and go buy a ticket and see it at a theater, it's a much better experience than a fucking camrip for christ's sake.
i wil wait Master's work is worth the patience to see properly
Thank you CAM version! and not because the movie, It's the subtitles got out before the BD/DVD release. Cam versions of movies hardcoded with studio subtitles. They have been the only Anime related media left untouched. Im guessing it's because if they messed with them like everything else. When the BD/DVD released with messed up subs it would take very little effort to expose what they were doing in the press. There's more uses for data mining than games. funimation took over translating Anime into English (2007).They played nice with fans in the beginning. What's written next might seem weird or incorrect. But to anyone sharing Anime back then, it makes sense. Either way it doesn't change the fact it true. It began when a new fan-sub group "Speed-Subs" appeared and sharing subs for episodes of new Anime 20min after RAW releases. Nobody knew anyone in the group, but since the fastest time the big fansub groups could release subs was 3x as long. They accepted the new groups subs, despite the fact established groups were a vital importance to all Anime fans, It didn't take but a day or two for everyone in the Anime community to find out they could get subs 40 minutes faster than the 60mins it had always taken. Most of the newer fans abandoned the other groups for machine translated, human edited subs without a second thought. Not long after, when the rest saw speedsubs were just as good as any established fan-sub group. They slowly switched to the quicker releases when subs were available. What Funi wanted but couldn't proceed with until fan-sub groups were gone, was changing the way dialogue is presented in other the languages specifically English. From known Sentence structures to using different words meaning the same as words being used already and of course changing what was actually being said. Less than 5% of Anime fans outside of Japan understand the language, funi takes advantage of that. Anime use to be positive, most people in them were respectful of each other and their seniors.
The positive nature of dialogue in Anime has flipped from positive to negative. Things in dialogue like Thoughts, decisions, opinions, understandings were spoken with clarity, decisiveness, etc telling the viewer with conviction they knew what " ??? " was were assured, clear. And with doubt but now everything is vague, maybe, unsure, unknown, second guessing ones own knowledge, full of doubt, (Only examples, not exact words used) It seems the further a word is from what is intended, but is still commonly used is found in subs today. And respect is almost completely gone in most new shows. Continuity? is that even exist. Is it even a word in Anime anymore. Its as if funi refuses to use correct words, inserting alternatives whenever possible. And their most favorite words to use, are also the most disrespectful words anyone can ever use when speaking to someone older than you are. Oldman and Oldhag. They seem to enjoy trashing Anime now more than ever before. Although before the company was first sold to the movie industry. It was progressive in furthering the love for it. Voice actors had pride in what they did and continuity was always kept as best as possible.
I could be wrong here but seriously Anime use to teach a positive and the correct way to treat each other without being overbearing. Its what lead most of the new generations to become fans of Anime. Everyone was sick and tired of cartoons and the shitty way everyone was treating each other, And the fact that in everything animated in the US dipicted the public as accepting whatever befell them good of bad, mostly bad, as normal without complaint. Good guys die, bad guys don't, they don't get caught either and when they do, nothing happens to them, they are instantly accepted into society in everything animated made in the US. Anime however presented something completely different and more real than not. But when funi was sure fan-sub groups had given up on competing with machine translators/ human editing which proved faster they disbanded and almost nobody was fan-subbing(2012). That was the end of fan-sub era and the beginning of funi - subbings with intentional errors began. From using wrong words to changing what was actually being said, Started appearing in every new Anime funimation was streaming and even shows they weren't. With each new season, translation errors progressively increased in frequency until dialogue in every new show and almost verbatim to future dubs going to be made and not. In 2017 when they had gained full access to creation rights and pushed to produce to over 90% of all new shows .They stopped messing with translations and simply rewrite dialogue before the Japanese audio track is created. And now only focus on what they can't completely control in an attempt to erase any traces of what Anime use to be like. They created MAL to use as a data source and its clearly proved its value since they have swallowed up almost everything related to Anime globally outside of Japan. There's only a couple corporations that haven't been taken over because of Anti Trust and monopoly laws that exist preventing one major company holding everything in the US

Haruki_04 (uploader)

@JustSayNo2Funi bro let set everything aside just tell me how much time did it take you to write all this ..... i can feel your every word of it
About 15 minutes figuring out how much can post in each comment window. But I didn't write this version. Give funi a call and ask them, as untouchable as they think they are. They'd probably admit to taking over if you speak to the right person. And since you said put all of that aside. Here's the reason for all the changes in Anime, Changing from awesome to lacking in creativity, originality and it's display that an insane amount of imagination went into creating them. Its about humanity and an opportunity to become more than we are now. The universe is giving mankind a chance to evolve as a species right now. And from the decline in quality of all entertainment media. Movies, Tv and lastly Anime has been stripped of the things viewers imaginations react to over the last 20+ years has been intentional. Because human imagination is what drives evolution. Its only natural an opposition would exist and its against humanity changing into something more than we are now. It would mean losing control of society they have now. We're only 2 years away, (March - August 2025) is when the peak or strongest time when it can happen. Its a recurring chance that happens every time certain planets and stars are aligned with Earth. Throughout history every time we have had a chance to evolve. There's only been one time when mankind wasn't blocked from evolving. But they still wiped out everyone that did. It was called the Dark Ages. .