Suzume no Tojimari (2022) (2160p DV CAM) | すずめの戸締まり

2023-04-14 08:00 UTC
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22.5 GiB
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# join and ## v2 up, see [here]( [mediainfo]( sat in the front which is why the screen is so high, someone could probably make a better release by cropping it if you're having issues with the brightness try watching on a hdr/dv screen jp dub + eng sub too lazy to take screenshots someone feel free to post them in comments

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  • Suzume.mkv (22.5 GiB)
god i love camrips
can someone post screenshots pls?
Thx man , also pls post 1080p x264 rips !!
Only a moron can watch from this...
@kymophobia video not clear ??
Waiting for 16k rips
wonderful release, keep it up 👳
finally sum good rippings
It is not "little scary" it is the scariest :) Does not matter it is a camrip, not about the quality, This guy either was blind or have some fetish about movieseats. Missing the upper part of the screen , just to show how wonderful shape have the seat,........I like this guy, i would kill him, but i lke him.
22GB for an off center camprip. nice
Thanks for the nigger release.
> if you’re having issues with the brightness try watching on a hdr/dv screen Not sure if serious or trolling
Or ya'll can just do what I did-pay some money and go see it at a nearby theater. Seriously-camrips are for mentally retarded morons.
Ever thought not everyone lives in a place where the movie is up in theaters?
@zrdb - "Seriously-camrips are for mentally retarded morons." - completely agree! - "Or ya’ll can just do what I did-pay some money and go see it at a nearby theater." - Not really, that's a big nop, you just can't say that! With the exception of a good part of Asia, North America, most of Europe and latin america, unfortunately it is still impossible to find anime in cinemas in the rest of the world, either because they are not popular or because they are not yet socially acceptable in those countries. So if you think is everywhere in the world a normality to just go and watch anime in cinema only because in your country it is, think that again, because in like almost half of the world it still isn't a normality, and even when as an exceptionality an anime movie comes to a country like that, this will happen long time after the BluRay will be out... - ( ) how you can see, but there is still a loot of white on this map, and this one is a very happy case because of the popularity...
If you can't then you can't. I live very near a big cinema so I could and did and it was worth every penny. I can't remember enjoying a movie as much as I did this one.
"If you can't go to a gourmet restaurant then just stay hungry." ^this guy's logic
1080p =>
it's( jp Audio) NOT (jp dub). Dubbing is when the original dialogue audio of a film or TV show is swapped with one of a different language
Does anyone know when the 4k VOD or bluray will be out?