[ZG] Doraemon (2005) 466 (720p)

2023-04-12 16:52 UTC
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Episode 466: Snow at Christmas / Beware of Bad Item Luck MD5: e9ead03aa4f4b6adf64b2e9249ad302f Thanks to PandoraTV for providing high-quality raws. I can only seed for a short time, so please download and seed as much as possible. Feel free to leave a comment if you spot any mistakes :) (And if anyone uploads this to a streaming site, they had BETTER PRESERVE MY ORIGINAL FONTS AND STYLING or be buried alive in a hill of fire ants!)

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  • [ZG] Doraemon (2005) Episode 466 (720p).mkv (215.4 MiB)
Hold up, Doraemon 2005 episode? I am getting this shit
This was random. Downloaded.

Zeke_Green (uploader)

Not exactly random, no. I've been releasing episodes regularly over the last few years. This is the first for 2023, though.
Where do you even get these? Aren't some of the 2005 episodes completely lost? Some special episodes like that April Fools one (Where Nobita gets this gadget that he wears on his mouth and then lies to Suneo that his house caught on fire and he was actually convinced). Also the TV specials are near impossible to get right?

Zeke_Green (uploader)

None of the 2005 series is completely lost, though some are very hard to find. At some point, I plan to do a torrent of all the hard to find ones. The '79 series is another matter, that one has lost episodes, as long as you don't count non-original dubs.
Yeah for the 2005 Series lots of Episodes are actually available. The Specials well are another thing but there are also many that are available. Either way thanks for subbing!