[Anonyneko] Yume no Crayon Oukoku - 51.mkv

2023-04-02 21:16 UTC
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_I'm just acting as a proxy uploader here; comments from the translator below:_ ------ I am the original translator for the first 50 episodes. SquareAnon edited my previous episodes, but I don’t have any way of contacting him anymore, and I’m not sure if he’s still interested, so I decided to ask Anonyneko to release this for me. Notes: 1. I no longer have a desktop computer, so I am subbing on a laptop for the first time. I am not using a proper mouse or keyboard, since using them with a laptop feels too clunky. I also do not have any scripts or my old keyboard shortcuts, so I’ll have to get used to this. This might make the subbing process even slower. 2. There is now a Blu-Ray available for the show, so the video source will be different. Since the anime was originally produced digitally at a low resolution, it doesn’t make much of a difference, but may be slightly less blurry. I am using a very lazily transcoded version of the rip from ojamajo83’s website, since the original rips are around 1.5GB per episode. 3. I have gotten a little better at Japanese, and my views on translation have also changed slightly. I may change some translations (phrases, characters, signs, songs, etc) that I had used in previous episodes if I am unhappy with the original ones. I would like my translation to be fun and lighthearted enough that it properly captures the original tone of the show. 4. Right now, my main goal is just to finish the series. I’m much busier than I was 4 or 5 years ago, so I’m not going to be putting much effort into typesetting or little details. It’ll probably be on the same level as official subs. If anyone wants to go in and improve them, feel free. There may be delays between episodes depending on how busy I get. I will try not to drop the show again.

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  • [Anonyneko] Yume no Crayon Oukoku - 51.mkv (249.2 MiB)
It's a miracle! A miracle! My hopes never died!
It's a vaguely Easter-adjacent miracle!
Holy shit, is it Maxine again? I always wondered what happened to them... Thanks for starting up again, I love this show :]
Yes, this is me. I can’t really upload anything due to my situation, so I asked Anonyneko for help—he’s a good friend of mine and we subbed some shows together before. Like I said in the description, I’m sorry about the signs and effects sucking, but I’m mostly just worried about finishing the show for now. The quality of everything else should be more or less the same.
Maxine!!!!! It's so good to see you again!
You're a god, you are. Thank you.
Last we heard - if I remember rightly, the original squaresubs torrents are long gone along with the comments - was you uploading episode 50 and then you were moving house? Or something like that, you even said there might me a delay before any more releases lol. Anyway over 3 years later and here we are with #51. Fansubbers are a patient lot, I've waited a lot longer for releases before! Thanks Maxine :]