My Life as Inukai-san's Dog (Inu ni Nattara Suki na Hito ni Hirowareta) OVA01 [1080][BD][H265][UNCENSORED]

2023-03-30 08:43 UTC
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179.9 MiB
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![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text]( | Title: | My Life as Inukai-san's Dog Specials (Inu ni Nattara Suki na Hito ni Hirowareta) | |:-------------:|:-------------:| | Source: | BD | | Quality: | BD 1080p 1920x1080 H265 | | Format: | MKV UNCENSORED | | Audio: | Japanese (AAC Stereo) | | Subtitle: | English (ASS)| | Release Date: | Mar 29, 2023 | |Genre:| Comedy, Ecchi | Subtitles taken from ASW. They're a bit... weird, but am too lazy to correct them. Just keep swimming...

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  • My Life as Inukai-san's Dog - S00E01 - Dog Pool Bluray-1080p.mkv (179.9 MiB)
Uploaders who don't put group tags deserved an ass rape

Philo (uploader)

It was a Raw BD upload, and I mention where I got the sub. And it's just the 1 file, I didn't think I needed to put a "group" tag to a group I don't even have.
@StazCherryBlood, why don't you try telling that to [Anime Chap]. I have tried, but to no avail. It was particularly difficult this past season, where on highly popular shows there were other uploaders posting files without a group tag and [Anime Chap] files just got lost in the "post-download wash".
@Father_Snrub ![snrubtard](
> Subtitles taken from ASW. Which is stuff uploaded by the SubsPlease bot reencoded by another bot. In other words, they're Hidive subs auto-restyled the way SubsPlease's bot auto-restyles everything. Edit: I feel the need to mention these subs have been restyled again from that. On the other topic: Calling it "group tag" might be causing a bit of confusion since it's so outdated. These days, most releases aren't from a fansub group anymore. Nyaa's documentation just refers to them as "tags." Tip for the uploader: Either make something up that no one else is using or just put your username as the tag (like I did when I renamed this file so I would be able to easily tell where I got it from). As long as it helps people, well, recognize where they got it from. And to be clear, as long as you aren't directly reuploading something someone else already uploaded without doing anything to it, it's your release. If you rip a blu-ray and upload it, that's your release. If you take a video someone uploaded and mux it with some subtitles someone else uploaded, it's your release, not a release from either of the people who uploaded those. You just say where they came from in the description. As for why that is, it's less about taking credit for your work and more about making it clear that whoever uploaded the source stuff that you modified is not responsible for this upload.