[Puto] Pocket Monsters (Pokémon) Movie 2 Subtitled

2010-10-12 21:20 UTC
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So… the only existing subtitle of Pokémon Movie 2 (by GX\_ST) was, to put it mildly, very heavily flawed. The video quality sucked, tons of terms were left in Japanese, there were tons of typos, the English grammar was terrible, the Pokémon names were written retardedly (“Rizadon”? Really?), etc. So I went ahead and re-subbed it, using that translation as a base, but heavily tweaked to not be… well, idiotic. I also fixed several points where it had been mistranslated (notably Prof. Ôkido’s speech about how the three gods affect the underwater currents was completely off and made little sense). Thanks to RattleMan and Conan\_Kudo for the quality checking, too, which helped narrow down several other issues. This subtitle uses the English attack names from the games. I could have used a translation of the Japanese attacks, but most people probably wouldn’t remember specific translations of Japanese attack names. Most existing Pokémon fansubs do the same thing, anyway. Pokémon names are written with the official romanisations of the Japanese names (i.e. Lizardon and Nyarth, not Rizaadon and Nyaasu nor Charizard and Meowth). The English dub track is also included as an extra, since the Japanese DVD had it there. This release is also available on Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SILVTH96

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  • [Puto] Pocket Monsters Movie 2 - Mirage Pokémon - Lugia's Explosive Birth [H264-AC3][bdce88df].mkv (900.9 MiB)