One Piece Episode 917-920 [English Dub][1080p][onepiecedubb]

2023-03-03 02:19 UTC
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The following is a response to user “Bakugo_Uchiha” from the last one piece voyage comment section( As you know, the only way to access new one piece dub voyages, is to buy it from the Microsoft store. The only way to watch content bought from the Microsoft store, is to use the films and tv app on windows or on the Xbox. The films and tv app is a PlayReady client and PlayReady clients have certain system requirements depending on quality of the video. The higher the video quality, the more requirements needed to play the video at that quality. By default, PlayReady requires the usage of HDCP 2.2 in order to show any video. This means that OBS and other screen recording software’s, just show a black screen instead of the video when trying to record. This required the usage of Windows 10 virtual machine to bypass the HDCP, so that the video could be recording at all. However, it is very very hard to create a virtual machine that meets all the PlayReady requirements for FHD content and above. The reason why the video looks "pixelated", especially when text is on screen, is because the virtual machine does not and cannot to my knowledge, meet the hardware DRM requirement needed to watch FHD content and above. From my eyes and other people, I have asked, it looks fine. I know that my virtual machine does not meet the hardware DRM requirement, due to running the following test in the edge browser: . Whereas my computer passes 3 of the 4 tests. A few notes before we continue, • Yes, the edge browser can use PlayReady Hardware DRM • These tests are for PlayReady 3000, whereas looking at the PlayReady header of the one piece video file, it uses PlayReady 4000 which is even harder to match using a VM. Now this voyage was recorded not in a virtual machine, but on physical hardware. I have bought a capture card and HDCP stripper, allowing for the recording of one piece dub in its original resolution. Finally, there will always be hiccups and glitches in the recording process with some being out of my control. For example, there is sometime random green pixel patches, they are Microsoft’s fault, not OBS fault. I will always iron out any glitches, but it will never be perfect. I cannot record all of the voyage and then watch all of the recorded voyage for faults. I will always try to deliver the best quality while still being quick enough. P.S. Our Admin is very busy in real life so 4 Episodes per day for three days.

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Thank you very much. Especially for all the hard work that supplying this obviously requires. So again thank you. :)
Thank you, damn so much set up to get this release out eh
Not all heroes wear capes.
Wow, I sincerely appreciate the incredibly detailed explanation you have here! Thank you for your continued dedication to this series and all the hard work and effort you go through to bring us One Piece releases, I totally understand how it must be such a headache to have experimented with all of the techniques and methods available to be able to capture something so restricted by physical hardware limitations and truly admire your diligence to work past those issues! Also I just wanted to say as well that my original comment was only out of curiosity and I thank you very much for addressing it here dude! To be honest, I do view the episodes on a 55x inch LG CX Oled via the "Web Video Caster" app on my phone as it's just the easiest way for me to not have to use a PC or physical hardware like a Fire Stick etc to case via DLNA protocol and on my 6.7 inch OnePlus 7 Pro it is quite a bit better, Icve also noticed you've tried to sync up fps between your hardware and the source material, so kudos for that! Bottomline is I massively appreciate your hard work and effort and wish you guys the very best! Greetings from the UK and hope you have a great weekend 😃👍🏻