Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club UNIT LIVE! ~DiverDiva GALactic Trip~ <Day.1&2>

2023-02-27 14:20 UTC
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**MIRAI! NEGAI! ZIYU! ZIZAI!** What a weekend! DiverDiva blasted this show out of the park and then some! We got almost everything from their catalog, some fun callbacks, a lot of Nacchan blushing (sometimes being the architect of her own downfall), extraterrestrial fashion show in Shibuya? I'm so happy to see how far everyone has progressed so far through their unit live performances, and DD is no exception. Comparing their current states to how they were during their very first live show, it's night and day. Apologies ahead of time for any quality issues. This was ripped from PIA, so we get to deal with the quality they provided us for the VOD. This has been tested with the latest versions of VLC Media Player and MPV as of 2/27/23. Please seed! Hit and runs only hurt others those who come after you.

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  • DD Unit Live
    • DD Gal D1.mkv (5.0 GiB)
    • DD Gal D2.mkv (4.9 GiB)

incorgnito (uploader)

Np! It'll take a little bit for the upload to hit enough people for transfers to go fast, so thank you ahead of time for your patience!
Thank you for always posting these. I always buy the official stream but it's nice to have an archived version too.

incorgnito (uploader)

No problem! I figure I might as well help those who are unable to buy with this option if I'm downloading them anyway myself. I always recommend buying the original, too, but I understand everyone has their own financial situations they're dealing with. Sharing the wealth a bit in a way, you know?