[WakuWan] Hirogaru Sky! Precure - 01 (1080p) [D5E6F9B3].mkv

2023-02-25 15:48 UTC
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Multiple Precure fansubs? In current year? It's more likely than you think. CR/Toei's dialogue is bone dry, and Serenae's editing and occasional weebisms kinda make my bones hurt.* Therefore, I decided to try making my own release. ###### * Not knocking on Serenae's work — really, I'm glad that literally anyone is doing Precure seasonally — but seeing tildes and ellipses sprinkled haphazardly through dialogue (among other things) doesn't really make for a great experience. ___ ### Changes include: * Edited dialogue to make it sound more natural (base is CR/Toei, with inspiration taken from Serenae as I see fit*) * Edited and restyled OP to (hopefully) make it better to read * Minor TS, mostly for the title cards Edited ED will come at a later date, once I've gotten my shit together. ###### * In the interest of speed, I will try to shift to not referencing Serenae in the future. ___ ~~I'm aiming for a release window of ~24h after episodes come out, but shit happens so I might not be able to make that sometimes.~~ **This target release window has shifted to the following Wednesday.** Since this is ~~a solo project~~ **no longer a solo project**, if you find any mistakes or want to help, feel free to yell at ~~me~~ **us** in the comments here or DM me on Discord at Falloree#9453. ___ ![](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/707351025605935190/1079084028096938015/wakuwan.png "I'm doing it myself™")

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  • [WakuWan] Hirogaru Sky! Precure - 01 (1080p) [D5E6F9B3].mkv (1.4 GiB)
will wait for v2
Serenae does both a 1080p and a 720p version. Any chance?? While space is not necessarily a problem, I feel 1.5 GiB episodes are a bit much for a cartoon if there are other options.
> While space is not necessarily a problem, I feel 1.5 GiB episodes are a bit much for a cartoon if there are other options. what is the problem then? i don't speak for OP, but doing both 720p and 1080p has at least some degree of added effort (not the least of which is making sure your typesetting looks correct on both, as there can be sneaky problems with those) now, i'm also all for less bloat in general, but (i'm guessing) this is untouched CR video, and i, for one, am not gonna fault a one-person "team" for not also making a better encode
@petzkuh, no need to get salty!! I only asked if there was any chance of a smaller size with these subs. At this stage there is a fairly competitive "market" for downloads of this series and, like choosing between brands of soap, one must decide if there is significant advantage in the extra cost for the product received. It is only a cartoon after all, and if one is only going to download-and-delete nothing really matters. But if keeping the file, a person has to weigh up a number of factors including such things as how frequently a series might be re-watched.
One thing I immediately went to check here... So Cure Sky's attack. The CCs have... Dialogue: 0,0:24:02.79,0:24:08.16,Default,,0,0,0,,ヒ~ロ~ガ~ル~\Nスカイパーンチ‼ (Line taken from episode 4 but whatever.) The use of katakana rather than hiragana + the dragged out syllables indicate that it really *should* be Hero Girl Sky Punch.
[@Lord_Starfish](https://nyaa.si/view/1641921#com-7) CCs are not necessarily reliable since they are often not based on the actual scripts
but in precure's case, the japanese CCs _are_ reliable, they _are_ based on the actual scripts, and they come directly from Toei Animation for broadcast on TV Asahi. This has been the case for precure for the past 20 years.