Isho, Koukai | Suicide Notes Laid on the Table 016 (2023) (Digital) (Oak)

2023-01-23 23:57 UTC
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Obtained directly from [Manga UP!]( Converted and denoised* x3072 **4BPP PNG** images, split dual-pages are merged. *All image filenames are tagged and have the correct page number, including dual-page images.* - This chapter start with the left-side page first, start with a single page (cover mode) on dual-view readers for correct page order. - This chapters has a title so the cbz file contains a titled chapter sub-folder. - Split chapters by Manga UP! are bundled together as a complete chapter. *Used conversion process; 1. Converted from AVIF source images to PNG using magick convert (ImageMagick 7.1.0-43 Q16-HDRI x64). 2. Used Waifu2x *denoise only* @ level 2 with CUnet Model. 3. Merged any split dual-pages and fixed up any pages where needed. 4. Exported as PNG 4BPP (16 Colors) for non-color images to reduce file sizes--this is lossy however--for release. Forgot to include 16--which was apparently complete--in the other batch, ah well...

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