[Dark] Pixiv Collection project 202209 (First release) (2775 artists)

2023-01-18 16:01 UTC
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This is the first release of our pixiv artists collection. This is a squashfs file that contains complete dumps of 2775 pixiv artists. Our pixiv collection project is inspired by AlexPUA's BOORU CHARS releases. - All artists hand-picked for reasonable quality - Includes metadata (Japanese and English tags and descriptions of each image) - Incremental updates - subsequent releases will be additions to this collection; easily merged for viewing with overlay filesystems such as aufs - Strict vetting of AI generated images - most AI artists with low signal to noise ratio are not considered for inclusion; only small numbers of exceptional quality images are selected. Estimated proportion of AI art < 1%. - Good coverage of most anime series and characters **Directory structure** The squashfs contains one directory per artist, named USERNAME␃USERID, for example RyoSuzuki␃69480998. Each artist directory contains files named ID_pINDEX.png or ID_pINDEX.jpg, where ID is the post id and INDEX is the index of the image in that post, for example 90716188_p0.png. **Metadata format** Each artist directory contains a tags.txt file, which contains one line per image file with format: `FILENAME␃DESCRIPTION␃TAG0␃TAG1␃...` For example: `90433010_p0.png␃アンバーとクレー | Amber and Klee␃GenshinImpact␃Genshin␃原神␃アンバー(原神)␃クレー(原神)␃女の子␃Genshin Impact␃Amber (Genshin Impact)␃Klee (Genshin Impact)␃girl` **Contents of this release** https://pastebin.com/NsJXGC8g **Preview** ![preview](https://i.imgur.com/oe5LEdh.png) **Example search "hatsune miku" "yuru yuri"** ![sample](https://i.imgur.com/NqMJFxw.png)

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  • pixiv_20220906.sfs (873.2 GiB)
Thank you. Let's keep doing that strange things. 8-)