[Tenrai-Sensei] Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba S1+S2+S3 + Movie [BD][1080p][HEVC 10bit x265][Dual Audio] | Mugen Ressha Hen (Mugen Train Arc - Infinity Train) | Yuukaku-hen (Entertainment District Arc)

2023-01-17 07:54 UTC
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## Synopsis Ever since the death of his father, the burden of supporting the family has fallen upon Tanjirou Kamado's shoulders. Though living impoverished on a remote mountain, the Kamado family are able to enjoy a relatively peaceful and happy life. One day, Tanjirou decides to go down to the local village to make a little money selling charcoal. On his way back, night falls, forcing Tanjirou to take shelter in the house of a strange man, who warns him of the existence of flesh-eating demons that lurk in the woods at night. When he finally arrives back home the next day, he is met with a horrifying sight—his whole family has been slaughtered. Worse still, the sole survivor is his sister Nezuko, who has been turned into a bloodthirsty demon. Consumed by rage and hatred, Tanjirou swears to avenge his family and stay by his only remaining sibling. Alongside the mysterious group calling themselves the Demon Slayer Corps, Tanjirou will do whatever it takes to slay the demons and protect the remnants of his beloved sister's humanity. ------------------------------------------- **Source** *(Season 1-3)* Video: (22 crf, VerySlow) (Overall Bitrate: 4 196 kb/s) [[Moozzi2 S1]](https://nyaa.si/view/1260864) (42.5 GiB) | [[Moozzi2 S2]](https://nyaa.si/view/1604722) (10.4 GiB) | [[Moozzi2 S3]](https://nyaa.si/view/1603206) (25.5 GiB) Audio(Opus): ENG, JPN (Stereo 192 kb/s) Subs: **(Season 1&2)** Tenrai-Sensei/Kaleido-Flax/Animorphs-modified [Signs & Songs, Honorifics & No-Honorifics Dialogue] | **(Season 3)** Tenrai-Sensei [Signs & Songs, Honorifics & No-Honorifics Dialogue] ------------------------------------------- **Source** (*Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba The Movie Mugen Ressha Hen*) Video: (20 crf, Placebo), (Overall Bitrate: 4 351 kb/s) [[Moozzi2]](https://nyaa.si/view/1399145) (10.8 GiB) Audio: ENG, JPN (5.1 Surround 380 kb/s) (Opus) Subs: Tenrai-Sensei [Signs & Songs, Honorifics & No-Honorifics Dialogue] ------------------------------------------- **Rundown** * **Season 1** Subs were taken from [SCY] made Thoughts and flashback style, Honorifics, Special attacks (Honorifics only) * * **Season 2** Taken from OZR release Restyled OP/ED Karaoke+Effect, went over timing of all dialog lines. made minor edits to keep consistent with Season 1, Made a Honorifics/w S.Attacks that has various changes compared to No-Honorifics track such has Hinokami kagura, Upper Moon, etc. For S02E07 the Ed was from the movie So i imported and uses two different styles No-honorifics after Kaizoku and Honorifics with my own. * **Season 3** I used pig assaults as based and then resample, retimed, added typesetting, Karaoke OP/ED+effect (Imported translation from [Anime Chap](https://nyaa.si/view/1498655)), added missing honorifics and made a No-Honorifics track (There are difference between the tracks similar to season 2). and a bunch of other things. try to added the eye signs as much as possible is was a pain to do by hand. * **Movie** Encoded the Movie on Placebo. Used [[AURG]](https://nyaa.si/view/1399048) which is based on the Blu-ray PGS. When through the timing of all lines, corrected mistakes, TS was taken from a variety of releases made to be consistent with season 2. Made a Honorifics track. **Watch order** season 1>2>3 **or** Season 1 then First episode of Season 2 >Movie>Season 3 So much Work was done for the Series we should be at a great place for it now. I plan to sub **Season 4** weekly when it airs. Also want to say thanks to QBIE from the hakata ramen team he come up with the font and styling for the attacks for the movie. I improved upon it and applied to the whole series. [Adosin](https://nyaa.si/view/1616594) for providing the ENG blu ray trailers, audio and subs. Trailer 1,3,4 are sourced from BDs and used official translation and made typesetting etc. Season 2 trailer was taken from aniplex web 1080p. ------------------------------------------- **Media Info:** [![info](https://i.ibb.co/bb4YsKF/WDAX0cu.png)](https://pastebin.com/AbGbz7BD) [![info2](https://i.ibb.co/s6LqQBX/file-video-icon-mini.png)](https://pastebin.com/eCM3Z34V) ----------------------------------------- **Screenshots (Season 1)** [![screen1](https://i.ibb.co/qNbZH9Y/Demon-Slayer-S01-E12-The-Boar-Bares-Its-Fangs-Zenitsu-Sleeps-00-01-08-242-shot-0001-mini.png)](https://i.ibb.co/s5KNh5y/Demon-Slayer-S01-E12-The-Boar-Bares-Its-Fangs-Zenitsu-Sleeps-00-01-08-242-shot-0001.png) [![screen2](https://i.ibb.co/vh7bwQx/Demon-Slayer-S01-E12-The-Boar-Bares-Its-Fangs-Zenitsu-Sleeps-00-09-54-226-shot-0002-mini.png)](https://i.ibb.co/w7pbdvF/Demon-Slayer-S01-E12-The-Boar-Bares-Its-Fangs-Zenitsu-Sleeps-00-09-54-226-shot-0002.png) [![screen3](https://i.ibb.co/XxJvqLn/Demon-Slayer-S01-E03-Sabito-And-Makomo-00-00-15-064-shot-0034-mini.png)](https://i.ibb.co/ctbBJnj/Demon-Slayer-S01-E03-Sabito-And-Makomo-00-00-15-064-shot-0034.png) [![screen4](https://i.ibb.co/MCNqQdc/Demon-Slayer-S01-E16-Letting-Someone-Else-Go-First-00-05-53-944-shot-0003-mini.png)](https://i.ibb.co/8sNsYhX/Demon-Slayer-S01-E16-Letting-Someone-Else-Go-First-00-05-53-944-shot-0003.png) ----------------------------------------- **Screenshots (Season 2)** [![screen1](https://i.ibb.co/C8GM8LW/Demon-Slayer-Mugen-Train-Arc-S02-E02-Deep-Sleep-00-02-07-301-shot-0004-mini.png)](https://i.ibb.co/9r3K2cY/Demon-Slayer-Mugen-Train-Arc-S02-E02-Deep-Sleep-00-02-07-301-shot-0004.png) [![screen2](https://i.ibb.co/NKxbH3W/Demon-Slayer-Mugen-Train-Arc-S02-E02-Deep-Sleep-00-12-38-556-shot-0005-mini.png)](https://i.ibb.co/Zh9Yb5G/Demon-Slayer-Mugen-Train-Arc-S02-E02-Deep-Sleep-00-12-38-556-shot-0005.png) [![screen3](https://i.ibb.co/hFbGgbb/Demon-Slayer-Mugen-Train-Arc-S02-E02-Deep-Sleep-00-17-51-327-shot-0006-mini.png)](https://i.ibb.co/4gz1YCf/Demon-Slayer-Mugen-Train-Arc-S02-E02-Deep-Sleep-00-17-51-327-shot-0006.png) [![screen4](https://i.ibb.co/zPHdMKG/Demon-Slayer-Mugen-Train-Arc-S02-E02-Deep-Sleep-00-21-40-181-shot-0007-mini.png)](https://i.ibb.co/jkMKgyB/Demon-Slayer-Mugen-Train-Arc-S02-E02-Deep-Sleep-00-21-40-181-shot-0007.png) ----------------------------------------- **Screenshots (Season 3)** [![screen1](https://i.ibb.co/rFSz32z/Demon-Slayer-Entertainment-District-Arc-S03-E04-Tonight-00-02-08-761-shot-0008-mini.png)](https://i.ibb.co/Y85WGDY/Demon-Slayer-Entertainment-District-Arc-S03-E04-Tonight-00-02-08-761-shot-0008.png) [![screen2](https://i.ibb.co/mNc59tJ/Demon-Slayer-Entertainment-District-Arc-S03-E06-Layered-Memories-00-13-21-016-shot-0011-mini.png)](https://i.ibb.co/QYMhbPm/Demon-Slayer-Entertainment-District-Arc-S03-E06-Layered-Memories-00-13-21-016-shot-0011.png) [![screen3](https://i.ibb.co/mF9DSFd/Demon-Slayer-Entertainment-District-Arc-S03-E03-What-Are-You-00-14-43-973-shot-0009-mini.png)](https://i.ibb.co/WzRdQ8y/Demon-Slayer-Entertainment-District-Arc-S03-E03-What-Are-You-00-14-43-973-shot-0009.png) [![screen4](https://i.ibb.co/qYNGLxc/Demon-Slayer-Entertainment-District-Arc-S03-E06-Layered-Memories-00-21-50-233-shot-0012-mini.png)](https://i.ibb.co/0Bnwykr/Demon-Slayer-Entertainment-District-Arc-S03-E06-Layered-Memories-00-21-50-233-shot-0012.png) ----------------------------------------- **Screenshot** (*Movie*) [![screen5](https://i.ibb.co/fS8G3Bk/Demon-Slayer-Kimetsu-No-Yaiba-S00-E02-Demon-Slayer-Movie-Infinity-Train-01-24-42-418-shot-0032-mini.png)](https://i.ibb.co/1sz4vqF/Demon-Slayer-Kimetsu-No-Yaiba-S00-E02-Demon-Slayer-Movie-Infinity-Train-01-24-42-418-shot-0032.png) [![screen6](https://i.ibb.co/xMVCR4L/Demon-Slayer-Kimetsu-No-Yaiba-S00-E02-Demon-Slayer-Movie-Infinity-Train-01-55-49-533-shot-0033-mini.png)](https://i.ibb.co/5j24DsZ/Demon-Slayer-Kimetsu-No-Yaiba-S00-E02-Demon-Slayer-Movie-Infinity-Train-01-55-49-533-shot-0033.png) ----------------------------------------- **Plex Users (Click to Enlarge)** [![screen5](https://i.ibb.co/bKsbfx7/Screenshot-192-mini.png)](https://i.ibb.co/mCdcRK9/Screenshot-192.png) [![screen5](https://i.ibb.co/nQGxLHT/Screenshot-174-mini.jpg)](https://i.ibb.co/tY2cj3V/Screenshot-174.jpg) *From now on i will be including trailers and OP/ED when available in the other and Trailers folder. **DO NOT rename the folders** else plex wont recognize the folders. If you already have this anime on plex you will need to refresh metadata to get the extras/trailer icon to appear. Make sure to be using the new plex series scanner else this will not work. Now you'll be able to watch the trailer/NCs without ads on youtube and your friends can watch it too.* ----------------------------------------- ![seed](https://i.ibb.co/swyGzts/Bulbasaur-4c2831-6820186-mp4-snapshot-00-01-521-mini.jpg) Please consider supporting me! and Join the discord: (Click the picture) [![discord](https://i.ibb.co/fdCTtFk/R-mini2.png)](https://discord.gg/WucPeE5ume) [![kofi](https://i.ibb.co/x8Mx3c2/Ko-fi-Logo-Gold-1000px-mini.png)](https://ko-fi.com/tenraisensei50197)

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  • Demon Slayer꞉ Kimetsu no Yaiba [BD][1080p][HEVC 10bit x265][Dual Audio][Tenrai-Sensei]
    • Other
      • Demon Slayer - (S1) NCED - From The Edge.mkv (18.6 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - (S1) NCED 2 - Kamado Tanjirou no Uta.mkv (28.5 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - (S1) NCOP - Gurenge.mkv (66.1 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - (S2) NCED - Shirogane.mkv (39.4 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - (S2) NCOP - Akeboshi.mkv (60.9 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - (S3) NCED - Asa ga Kuru.mkv (36.1 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - (S3) NCOP - Zankyou Sanka.mkv (62.9 MiB)
    • Season 1
      • Demon Slayer - S01E01 - Cruelty.mkv (710.8 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E02 - Trainer Sakonji Urokodaki.mkv (397.1 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E03 - Sabito And Makomo.mkv (483.5 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E04 - Final Selection.mkv (399.3 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E05 - My Own Steel.mkv (415.2 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E06 - Swordsman Accompanying A Demon.mkv (376.1 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E07 - Muzan Kibutsuji.mkv (451.4 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E08 - The Smell Of Enchanting Blood.mkv (489.3 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E09 - Temari Demon And Arrow Demon.mkv (592.2 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E10 - Together Forever.mkv (528.4 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E11 - Tsuzumi Mansion.mkv (462.1 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E12 - The Boar Bares Its Fangs, Zenitsu Sleeps.mkv (432.7 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E13 - Something More Important Than Life.mkv (573.0 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E14 - The House With The Wisteria Family Crest.mkv (464.6 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E15 - Mount Natagumo.mkv (443.0 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E16 - Letting Someone Else Go First.mkv (474.5 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E17 - You Must Master A Single Thing.mkv (491.5 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E18 - A Forged Bond.mkv (462.1 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E19 - Hinokami.mkv (450.9 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E20 - Pretend Family.mkv (440.9 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E21 - Against Corps Rules.mkv (466.7 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E22 - Master Of The Mansion.mkv (385.0 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E23 - Hashira Meeting.mkv (377.1 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E24 - Rehabilitation Training.mkv (447.2 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E25 - Tsuguko, Kanao Tsuyuri.mkv (489.6 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - S01E26 - New Mission.mkv (399.3 MiB)
    • Season 2
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Mugen Train Arc - S02E01 - Flame Hashira Rengoku Kyojurou.mkv (475.6 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Mugen Train Arc - S02E02 - Deep Sleep.mkv (523.9 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Mugen Train Arc - S02E03 - Should Have Been.mkv (624.4 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Mugen Train Arc - S02E04 - Insult.mkv (640.5 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Mugen Train Arc - S02E05 - Move Forward!.mkv (625.1 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Mugen Train Arc - S02E06 - Akaza.mkv (569.5 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Mugen Train Arc - S02E07 - Set Your Heart Ablaze.mkv (474.4 MiB)
    • Season 3
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Entertainment District Arc - S03E01 - Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui.mkv (1.1 GiB)
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Entertainment District Arc - S03E02 - Infiltrating The Entertainment District.mkv (549.4 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Entertainment District Arc - S03E03 - What Are You.mkv (685.6 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Entertainment District Arc - S03E04 - Tonight.mkv (477.7 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Entertainment District Arc - S03E05 - Things Are Gonna Get Real Flashy!!.mkv (528.5 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Entertainment District Arc - S03E06 - Layered Memories.mkv (694.7 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Entertainment District Arc - S03E07 - Transformation.mkv (594.0 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Entertainment District Arc - S03E08 - Gathering.mkv (627.2 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Entertainment District Arc - S03E09 - Defeating An Upper Rank Demon.mkv (933.3 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Entertainment District Arc - S03E10 - Never Give Up.mkv (825.9 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer꞉ Entertainment District Arc - S03E11 - No Matter How Many Lives.mkv (714.0 MiB)
    • Specials
      • Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba - S00E02 - Demon Slayer Movie Infinity Train.mkv (3.5 GiB)
    • Trailers
      • Demon Slayer - Season 1 - Trailer 1.mkv (73.0 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - Season 2 Mugen Train Arc - Trailer 2.mkv (12.1 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - Season 3 Entertainment District Arc - Trailer 3.mkv (44.4 MiB)
      • Demon Slayer - Season 4 Swordsmith Village Arc - Trailer 4.mkv (12.7 MiB)


in b4 moozzi2 haters edit: oh, and Opus haters too
thank you for this
crazyyy, thank you for this one, Sensei
I wish people weren't so daft thinking mugen train arc and entertainment district arc are separate when they are not. Mugen Train Arc and Entertainment District Arc are part of Season 2. Just like how Season 1 is like 4-6 arcs. Swordsmith Village arc is officially season 3.
its not season 3 bro?
Thanks I know it'll be worth time to archive this 8bit @ fps 60.000
Thnx for the Dubs
the Simplicity font in episode S01E15 appears as Squares!!! WHY?
s03e02 extra english dub (longer than video) s03e03 intro part of the english dub is shifted by -1000 (delayed) By the way THANKS.