Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club UNIT LIVE! ~R3BIRTH R3VOLUTION~ <Day.1&2>

2023-01-16 04:37 UTC
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WOW! I honestly cannot say I expected what happened this past weekend to happen. R3BIRTH Shuffle Fes? Check! Zensoku Dreamer Hell Ver. again? Yup! Vroom Vroom and the b-sides **finally** being performed live? You bet! Basically, ro say this live exceeded my expectations is an understatement, and I'm so happy these three are a combo. Chaotic as they may be sometimes, they put on one hell of a show! Go recharge your Tokimeki energy with R3BIRTH in the first of four unit lives. Although they haven't announced whether there will be a stream for the other three units, if there is like I expect there to be, I'll be purchasing admission to all of them. Apologies ahead of time for any quality issues. This was ripped from PIA, so we get to deal with the quality they provided us for the VOD. This has been tested with the latest versions of VLC Media Player and MPV as of 1/15/23. Please seed! Hit and runs only hurt others those who come after you.

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Thanks a lot for these. I was also surprised with what they did this time, including the dance performance segment. The shuffle festival was interesting too and I think Queendom really suited Shioriko. And is it just me or did Homin look like she's gained some weight? The performances were fantastic as ever, though.

incorgnito (uploader)

The Shuffle Fes was so fun, since Shuu and Homin weren't able to participate in the last one they did. I hope this isn't the last Shuffle we get.