[M-L-Stuffs] Futari wa Precure (Pretty Cure) 02

2023-01-10 19:30 UTC
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[Some notes on our translation choices; there's a new note for this episode.](https://pastebin.com/PHy7YBVP) ![](https://i.imgur.com/hHc9KFz.png)

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  • [M-L-Stuffs] Futari wa Precure 02 [9A8CE696].mkv (171.4 MiB)
thanks also 'King Malice" just sounds way cooler overall
I'd honestly recommend not using the BDs for the op https://slow.pics/c/fyMCD6i2
It's a "pick your poison" situation, really: On one hand you get overly smoothed-out details... On the other you get hideously aliased credits and harsubbed song lyrics that clutter up the screen. And then there is the wild card of the DVDs which just... the DVDs for this show look horrendous. Full stop.
better off watching amazon web-dl

sarachikorita (uploader)

Think the video *is* Amazon.
Whenever I find the time, I'll probably retime the subs to the untouched Amazon web-DLs and put them on my repo, since the untouched web-DLs are my preference out of the existing options.
> Think the video is Amazon. the video here is a webrip, not web-dl...
Can you please upload Fullscreen dragon ball movie 2 remastered?

sarachikorita (uploader)

The master is wrecked.
That sucks. Is it possible for you guys to pull a hackjob of splicing color corrected DVD footage wherever the HD master has problems? And make a 576p or 720p rip of it? I just watched Mewtwo strikes back theatrical edition you guys released on new year eve, thanks so much for doing what I suggested, it looks much better now. BTW can you encode Dragon Ball super BDs (us or jp BDs) like you did with Kai TFC? I've yet to start watching it(I watched dragonteam releases back then upto some 25ish episode) but can't find a bd rip by a reputable group.

sarachikorita (uploader)

You don't get it. The master is MISSING HALF ITS FRAMES.
Then can you please make dvdrip of the Fullscreen dvd?
BTW will you guys re-sub Conan 0001-0123, but in 720p HD Remastered (using crunchyroll rips/German BDs also used by fabrebatella, as source)? It'd be great if you did it.