[Foxtrot] Vinland Saga S2 - 01 [C320AA5F].mkv

2023-01-10 01:45 UTC
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Round 2. Staff: Translation: Crunchyroll, Kodansha Comics Song Translation: Catullus (ED2) Song Styling: torn Editing: torn Encoding: sam Timing: wrd Typesetting: torn Quality Check: wrd, torn

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  • [Foxtrot] Vinland Saga S2 - 01 [C320AA5F].mkv (2.2 GiB)
patiently waiting for more ballroom :)
tornland saga
impatiently waiting for more ballroom :)
Ousama and pretender when
i love you thanks
torn doing what fansubbers should be doing. Subbing shows people actually care about aka kinography. Keep up the great work M. torn.
tornland saga (2)
Foxtrot alive again. Any news on the series cursed to be never finished that is New Game?
A friend of mine made me download 2.2 GB just for "hands down the best ED of the season. The OP is also very good". Yeah... I wish that were true. Fuck this gay shit. I WILL die on this hill but that onii-chan show has better OP and ED. I wish this weren't true.
torn and sam what the heck
Unexpected! but Thank yo so much
Chadland Saga returns
>onii-chan show has better OP and ED real and true
It's not fair how civilization-destroying tranime gets the catchiest and funniest OP/ED of the season
@Guncannon you will never be nordic
please finish great pretender
Thank you Torn. Very cool. I wish you would have also done the rest of Ousama Ranking.
ousama ranking is stalled @timing for the last 7 episodes. Contact torn on discord if you can help. Otherwise, I doubt it's getting completed anytime soon.
thank you so much!