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![Try! Try! Try!](https://i.imgur.com/ZjNpeUn.png) "Try! Try! Try!" is a brief manga series created by Kiyohiko Azuma around the time he was working on "Azumanga Daioh", circa. 1999-2001. It is a protoype version of his later series "Yotsuba&!". Pages of Try! Try! Try! were originally published on his personal website, "A-ZONE" (http://hot.netizen.or.jp/~az/), and the website of the studio of Hideki Satomi, "TRIATHLON" (http://www.lares.dti.ne.jp/~triaslon). Please note that both of these websites are no longer online and are not very well archived. He would later go on to create "YOTUBA SUTAZIO" with Satomi, which currently handles the production of Azumanga Daioh and Yotsuba&!. In his earlier years, Azuma mainly created a variety of parody doujinshi, but he would eventually begin writing offical 4koma manga for a variety of clients, most noatbly ASCII MediaWorks's magazine "Dengenki Daioh". Given the combination of his printed and online output, at some point Pioneer saw potential in collaboration and they published "Azumanga" and later "Azumanga 2", both of which are collections of his early non-Azumanga Daioh work. What's notable about both of these books is that in addition to the printed books themselves, they also came with appendix CD-ROMs that had webpages which contained some of Azuma's digital work. This brings us to Try! Try! Try!, and the contents of this release. Not only does the Azumanga 2 appendix CD-ROM contain a webpage detailing the entire online publication history of Try! Try! Try!, along with some additional production artwork, and even some notes from Azuma himself regarding the series; the book contains a specially-made Try! Try! Try! manga in its own little physical booklet. As Yotsuba&! became popular these older curiosities have been scanned/ripped, translated, and uploaded to common manga-sharing sites, but given the age of the scans and the mistakes of the older translations, along with the resurgence in popularity of manga in general, I thought it was about time that Try! Try! Try! was given much better treatment. This release is divided into two folders. The first folder, "CD-ROM", is a translated version of the Try! Try! Try!-related webpages that were included on the Azumanga 2 appendix CD-ROM. Both the images of the webcomics and the HTML pages themselves have been translated. The second folder, "Special Episode Summer Vacation" is a collection of translated high resolution scans of the aforementioned booklet that was included with Azumanga 2. To access the webpages from the CD-ROM, simply click on "clickhere.html". To anyone who is a fan of Yotsuba&!, I hope this serves as an interesting piece of history. And to anybody who is not already familiar with Yotsuba&!... what are you doing!? Go out and buy all the volumes right now!!! Scanning, Ripping, Cleanup, Translation, Typesetting, & HTML Editing by Mr. Manager - mrmanager@airmail.cc Check out my webzone! manga.mrmanager.org

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DL: https://mega.nz/file/LUkzyCqA#FXy-Jk0zdA0vwC7Cb7252EipiMY4FieXpepJR3Q8Wro Older scans of this have been floating around for a while, but they've been showing their age. It's so satisfying to give it the proper treatment. Now, if only someone would update those ancient scans of the first few volumes of Yotsuba&! on those manga sharing sites...
Made me log in, not bad.
Yotsuba&! is my favorite series. Awesome work, thanks!
Wow, thank you!
had no idea the concept of webcomic was this old


thanks a ton for this, absolutely unbelievable to see this after so many years in such great quality (scan-wise, translation-wise) & with all the archival CD-ROM/webpages comics + sketches as well…… really just amazing