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2022-12-27 17:02 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man - 12 (1080p) [179132FA].mkv (1.4 GiB)
was the third best anime this season
anime of the decade
Where's Rowan?
i for sure wont be watching more if an S2 comes out, but i will miss Rowan's rants
Hard 5/10. Nothing more, nothing less.
me when bocchi (soy) me when csm (smiling with with cry mask on soyjak)
Becky did nothing wrong you are garbage who banned him in Discord.
3rd or 4th of the season imo, still really good I’d give it a 8.5
Finally this shit show ended.
Hope this trash wont get another season but it will prolly cuz trash people with brains will milk u mainstream consumers $$$
It was decent, although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed with the end result. I think the most depressing part is the realisation that even when a production is funded by the studio itself, with fun source material and some of the most talented people in the industry, you still end up with a rough schedule, questionable decisions and generally suboptimal results. I guess the industry is just that fucked.
fishgiver -- my brother in Allah -- I agree with you. But, I'm sorry I **must** do this to you (for your own good): With a profile picture such as yours I would not speak of any ills except my own.
inb4 rowan's weekly mental breakdown
Is the Ghost devil a mother-fucking After Earth reference?
No Season 2? O___O Well, MAPPA seems busy, so maybe by next year or so.
3/10 series 7/10 rowan schizoing
Rowan/10. Hope we'll get another season again.
Jesus Christ that Aki blowing smoke scene looked like ass.
I lob chainsamwn
Not even top 5 this season.
Another over hyped Mid anime finished, Hope if there's a next season it will get better.
I'm glad most people here agree that this show is mid af. Another overhyped show from teenagers who think farts are funny.
pls change studio pls
Show wasn't bad, but it was not a mind-blowing experience like everyone kept telling me. It had some really cool moments, but just as many really bad moments. Also... it's pretty obvious the animators are fujos, gay, or both.
It's just your typical battle shonen adaptation. not saying it's terrible, but it's nothing special either. It's all marketing and overhyping shills fault that everyone had unreasonable expectation from this mediocrity. shit is mid, maybe low
Pretty disappointing after so much hype from shounen watching savants (non anime watchers). It was somewhat fun at least.
It wasn't as good as the hype led it to be, but it was still a solid 7/10
fishgiver uohhhhhh 😭😭😭😭
Good show 10/10
lol @ the haters. This show is recognized as great because it isn't about what appears on the surface, the show presents a very variable and deep narrative within the actual storyline that only high iq people get.
@futurueestiny  >>>/reddit/
@Oosik *highfive*
The show is neither as good or as bad as people here are making out. It's an 8/10. Enjoyable, yet not particularly special. It's pretty ironic that those quickest to call out the show's fans for being easily influenced and dumb, also allow those fans to give them a hate boner for a show that really doesn't deserve it. Similarly being easily influenced and pretty dumb... I'm used to the casual anime fan's tendency to overhype anything shonen, and similarly used to the wannabe critics being so annoyed by those casual fans. I just thought the show was above-average but not amazing.
@futureestiny such as?
Manga was better
now I can binge it
>Also… it’s pretty obvious the animators are fujos, gay, or both. @DmonHiro I'm curious. What makes you say that?
@fishgiver and tell me why your opinion matters with that degen fucking pfp of yours? kys desu