[MaruChanSubs] Chibi Maruko-chan (1995) Christmas Special 1997

2022-12-23 22:22 UTC
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![CMC2Christmas](https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEiiybOFbXeyKnblcuoPYsIFFEM7ocSK021VXCmM1M-jNOtcpuxJSUfwqm232BkypdOUxhxYuP5W8LeJXRSbumeBk4hlcc2FnU8PcxRFuGkmWohwdnoz600s7VoUUcd5u3bIJvLSMmxomMaVzdoh8mfhVx7feENb38Bt4SxuT5dhhKhl8SwfMblKya-2/s320/vlcsnap-2022-12-23-14h55m48s044.png "CMC2Christmas") **Series II Episode 152: What If Maruko was in Hanawa's Family, And Hanawa Was in Hers?** **Original Airdate: December 21st, 1997** The show visits a "What-If" scenario where Maruko and Hanawa change households. I wanted to do something neat for Christmas this year, and I just so happened to have this episode sitting around. Unfortunately, the video quality could best be classified as "hot-buttered horse apples", what with a weird resolution of 510x340 and being a whopping 63 MB. If you're sensitive to that sort of thing you might want to skip out. But, if you're willing to pretend you're just watching it on some dingy ol' CRT TV somewhere, you're likely to get a kick out of this one if you're a fan of the show. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all and a big thank you to all of you who appreciate my work! (And a milder thank you to those of you who don't, because at least you're not being jerks about it.)

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Thanks so much, MaruChanSubs! And a very merry Christmas to you too. And very merry sure, I'm certainly one of them who do appreciate your great work, all since you started with your "old Maru-chan Youtube channel" long long ago. ❤️
Thanks again! ❤️ We had a great fun christmas matinĂ©e watching this. ✌️ Smiles on all faces all thru the episode. And a little tear in my eyes, when Maruko says she wishes to become a mangaka later in life. And thanks to "KazuKunSubs" for the subs in the meta-anime. 😄 Very funny!