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2022-12-13 17:02 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man - 10 (1080p) [97953FA7].mkv (1.4 GiB)
Rowan's mental breakdown waiting room ![ok](https://cdn.7tv.app/emote/614e8f3543b2d9da0d325c15/4x.webp)
Waiting for the melty to happen.
Inb4 the poopmaster Rowan shows up to verbal diarrhea in his diaper, he should check out andy sixx the loggposter.
why is this torrent so slow for me?
i cant believe any studio or anyone for that matter would make a show like this. Even for anime it is beyond words bizarre.
When it's the weekly autistic meltdown happening? @Rowan
I made it to the comment section before Rowan for once
@AdamEve That's what makes it great but I guess normies can't understand it, I'm glad a studio had the balls to make an adaptation, I don't even find it bizarre at all, it's pretty standard shounen/seinen stuff with some gore mixed in and some unique aspects and characters, there's way more bizarre anime out there compared to CSM.
CSM too deep for the normies to understand? Is this what Reddit makes you think?
still waiting for the series to pick up, like i was promised on episode 3, and then on 5, and then on 9... maybe at episode 2192 it will get good
Rowan did nothing wrong! I’d rather read their genuine rants than watch this crap.
It's just a stupid anime.... fucking enjoy it. Bigots.
@jakecr try reading Fire Punch if you think this is weird
isn't fire punch faggot shit
God fujimoto is a fucking degenerate
The show really only has 3 tracks it repeats ad nauseam every episode, I can't believe that hack Nakayambo got Kensuke fucking Ushio, and he's not even gonna use him.
@fishgiver The secret ingredient is embezzlement.
They long for you, brother Rowan. They desire your words for they know they are the truth. They seek your wisdom. Lead them to Allah when i cannot!
What, how is CSM too bizarre? R u having stroke? Anyway thanks op.
dammit, where's the star of this thread, there's so many waiting... including yours' truly.
We live in a society
this comment section is more interesting than the show itself smh
I liked that episode. What is wrong with it? Damn wannabe critics
I love chaindawma
Damn. This show is not the same without weekly Rowan's autism outbursts :(
I guess Rowan is on his meds again
Someone has to take his place, there must always be... a rowan. This show is fucking utter garbage, anyone who enjoys it should die burning in a puddle of piss straight out of Hell. It's bland, overly sexualized, and stupid, with hideous CGI models. The main character JUST wants to have sex. That's the extent of his pitiful characterization. The lot of you who enjoy this must be wrong in the head. This is what trash would call garbage. A few shots of booba and I see everyone drooling like groveling sociopaths at the showing of a nipple. IT DOESN'T MATTER YOU WILL NEVER GET THAT FEELING YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL YOU ARE NOT DIFFERENT, YOU WON'T BECOME THE NEXT HACHIYAMA, CROWDED IN BITCHES, AND YOU WILL JUST HANG IN YOUR CLOSET UNTIL YOUR NEIGHBORS NOTICE THAT PUTRID SMELL COMING FROM YOUR APARTMENT. Go touch grass you ALL need it.
Good try Interruptor, but it's just not the same.
rowan spotted at https://nyaa.si/view/1613629 "Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute" did we not praise csm enough? maybe the next episode we should praise csm to the max, then maybe we'll see the meltdown for real... or just comment woof to trigger it?
In for Rowans weekly review
He shits on chainsaw man but he likes that trash, what a fucking clown lmao. Cant take him serious after that
Thanks for this!