[anon] Isekai Ojisan - 10 (AT-X 1920x1080 x265 AAC)

2022-12-11 13:51 UTC
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Subs thanks to AI and /a/.

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  • [anon] Isekai Ojisan - 10 (AT-X 1920x1080 x265 AAC).mkv (387.7 MiB)
AI subs. The new generation of fansubs. We are doomed.
>Subs thanks to AI
Well when nobody fucking else deigns to sub this we have to thank our new AI overlords and selfless anons.
Well it's better than nothing I guess XD But seeing all this number of downloads and responses, I am surprised that fansubbers haven't picked on this show yet
You're commenting on a fansub about fansubbers not fansubbing it.
I just finished watching it, I think it was a very clear and good translation.
Subs are fine, good even. Not completely perfect, but then the official subs aren't always perfect either.
>Well it’s better than nothing I guess XD this is how the bar repeatedly gets lowered until we get subs like [this](https://rentry.org/pywh5)
/a/i love this new meme
Guys, don't download this. You will get indoctrinated by the AI. I swear. I just watched this, and I became happier all of the sudden. Must have been the AI's indoctrination at work.
Shitty subs > No subs And these subs are fine.
` *Cracks knuckles* ` _Alrighty.. give me a few weeks and I'll have a Military/Trucker lingo version to confuse English readers even more..._
AI subs could very well destroy Cruchyroll, Funimation, and whatever the fuck else is there that sells shows if AI subs gets upgraded and looked after
Well, that was surprisingly good ngl. If this fixes the long waits why not. Thanks man x).
"AI." In other words just plain old machine translation. Y'all are aware that Google Translate and DeepL are literally both AI, right? That they're not just some standard algorithms or something; they're actually advanced deep learning neural networks? In other words, someone just changed their word choice up a bit and all of a sudden there are people defending it.
I bet all the idiots in the comments saying the subs are fine don't speak any Japanese at all. The subs are full of mistakes you are better off watching it raw.
i can see now why scifi movies depict advanced technology being the downfall of civilisation, cos retards let machines dictate everything for them
where the fuck is SubsWhen
And here I wanted to complain about botched translation and and awesome joke at least in the segment before OP.
Did all the groups that were doing this series drop it or something? It's a fucking great series, but nobody wants to do it?
@andrewd5418 No groups were doing it in the first place. People were ripping weekly official subs before the forced delay screwed with things.
While machine subs *have* improved over the last two decades, they are still riddled with errors that are easily noticed by anyone with even a kindergarten-level knowledge of the language. (not as bad as errors made by some speed-sub groups of the 1990's though) This is not helped by the fact that Japanese has so many homonyms (same sound, different meaning - like the English "to","two" and "too") that require study of the context or kanji to resolve the conflicts. (edit = grammar correction)
These subs: "They refer to women as collectables." SubsWhen: "They literally refer to women as females." That's some next level "People die when they are killed." shit, with some Millennial overuse of literally thrown in. AI wins, with the bonus of keeping the translator's personality out of the subs. Now, could AI be cleaned up a little here and there? Sure. Don't trust it completely, but it's often better than biased humans that let themselves subconsciously enter the subs.
Memes aside, "People die when they are killed." actually makes sense in context. And so does that, although not to the same degree. Also, quit trying so hard to defend machine translations. MTL sub releases should be banned. And by the way, not that your argument even makes a shred of sense to begin with, but AIs have biases, too. P.S. SubsWhen isn't a real translation either. They're literally guessing while comparing it to the English manga. But even *that* is better than this crap. The subs often have almost nothing to do with the actual dialogue.
AI does not know context which is a huge problem. Jpaanese is a complex language and Machine translation/AI subs are horrible. Anyone that uses AI to sub things should not call themselves a fansubber. I wonder why no fansubbers who legit know Jpaanese, have yet to pick this up? And I agree fan subbing is not trying to guess by trying to use comparison by using manga text. It can often turn out very different. It sucks how there are no real fansub groups that post on nyaa anymore. IRC is dead. Many proper fansubber groups are so far underground it's had to find them. Discord makes looking at releases a clusterfuck and it's hard to tell properly between legit people who study Japanese and those who use MTL or just rip from streaming sites.
“People die when they are killed” makes perfect sense, people who unironicly bring this up as bad translation are brianlets
@Aradiel Wait until you hear that AI has biases as well you're going to love it
I could pick it up I guess and redo the episodes (since the timings are there, a lot of work is already done), but I would also like to avoid doing something that could be later uploaded by Erai (not that I know if it's going to happen)