[Anime Time] Dragon Ball Super - Super Hero Movie [Tint Fixed][BD][1080p][HEVC 10bit x265][AAC][Eng Sub].mkv

2022-12-10 05:56 UTC
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| Anime Time | | |----------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Anime | Dragon Ball Super - Super Hero Movie | | Audio | Japanese | | Video | HEVC 10bit x265 | | Subtitles | English | | Screen Size | 1920x1080p | | Source | BDMV | | Encoder | sff | | Discord | [Link](https://discord.gg/zUsjhrRzXt) | | Seedbox Help. It will help us continue our work. | [Donate](https://ko-fi.com/animetime) | #### [If you like the release please try to seed] **Enjoy** ### **You Can Get [DDL](https://www.animetime.pw/) in Our Website** Color Issue Fixed Removed Toei Tint... Also improved Encode! ### Toei Animation BDMV: ![](https://i.slow.pics/6EkQyyAj.png) ### Encode: ![](https://i.slow.pics/1XCnxmAg.png)

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  • [Anime Time] Dragon Ball Super - Super Hero Movie [Tint Fixed][BD][1080p][HEVC 10bit x265][AAC][Eng Sub].mkv (3.0 GiB)
Thanks for the upload, will there perhaps be a 4K upload at some point?
Love the look of this movie's art style.

sff (uploader)

@Falcon639 i don't do any 4k sh't

sff (uploader)

Welcome People...
I'll go for Toei Animation. It looks great.
Did you do the English subs yourself?

sff (uploader)

@KH91 nope used Fan Sub
Thanks for answering.
This is a odd question but would you tell me Goku's screen time. I'm not sure but i might be the one and only user who hate Adult Goku. That's why i skip his scenes when i watch db. I memorized his sentences, i already know what he says when he started to talking. I drop DB Super because of him. I didn't watch DBZ's last 10 chapters for months because of him. He is the far worst mc for me. For this reason i asked his screen time. If he has a lot of screen time i skip this movie. Edit i downloaded i hope his screen time short.
Edit i watched. It was fun movie and my wishes granted :)
Is there a colour-corrected version of the Toei remasters of the Z movies?
TBH the Toei looks better.
@andrewd5418 Toei's encode is objectively wrong though. They used the wrong encoding settings which resulted in a green tint; this happened on previous releases as well because for whatever reason no one there can simply click on the correct settings for their home releases.
What's audio format channel? 5.1 or 2.0?
Toei's DOES look better in that screenshot though... not sure about everything else. like objectively Gohan isn't white. Toei's skintone is more accurate. --an asian might wait for a dual audio release? hmm