(BurundiRaws) Dragon Ball Super Hero 144p mpeg2 cd video

2022-12-09 19:23 UTC
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It's been a long long wait but through the ashes he rises it's the real definitive version no bloat proper codec and proper subs with the proper colors [INFO] Video:256x144 mpeg2 370kbps Audio: mp3 mono 32kbps Sub: English Uploader notes- some smartassing zoomer here have been uploading quality good filesize version BUT, they all use zoomer technology codec my i7 can't handle so FINALLY this is the proper 144p (perfect resolution for my nokia) mpeg2 (nokia can't play h265 dumbasssfucking zoomer) AND IT INCLUDES ENGLISH SUBS (none of you zoomers had subs), my release also uses mono audio because phones and jbl boombox only have 1 speaker DOLBY IS BLOAT. p.s: this release has been ripped from the malaysian cd video copy i bought outside my local police station, unlike bludisc version this one has the actual colors and NO GREEN TINT PLEASE ENJOY MY RELEASE

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  • dbssh malaysia cdv 144p.avi (299.5 MiB)
i hope the cycle continues\ too many bloated releases these days smh
too big fucking gay

tomi20 (uploader)

> Kura61 Stfu this release i bought on cd video infront of police station, cd has 700mb but i encode to 300 so you can burn on half cd and get twice the movie (100mb left you use to feed family)
can you please post a lower quality version? 299.5 MiB is way too big

tomi20 (uploader)

> sister_connoisseur this release is perfect for the nokia because codec it is mpeg2 it cant be smaller you need to go infront of libya police station and buy cd then you can watch movie twice and also feed family.
what if i need to feed large family??? i heard the mauritanian version is less than 50mb
@tomi20 i need to be able to watch this on my ps1, care to make it smaller?
thanks for the effort
I love this meme
it's a good work but too bloated and ı'm sure there are people who don't have a video player so can you make to ascii version using [this](https://github.com/joelibaceta/video-to-ascii)?
@tomi20 listen here bozo this release blew up my ryzen 9 make a smaller, less bloated release!!
Man... I do miss those rmvb days... this is way too bloated *smh...
Unfortunately my LG TV 75'' 8K cannot play this type of file, I'll wait for a lighter version, thanks anyway.
Can someone turn this movie into gif please ?
You guys keep forgetting the most important thing. You need to upload it through a 56k dial-up connection.
My Pioneer DV343 can't handle MP3. Please use proper MPEG layer-2 audio to make this S/VCD-compliant. I already wasted 5 mini-CDRs on this which is cutting into my food budget