[SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man - 09 (1080p) [5A9C6CEC].mkv

2022-12-06 17:01 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man - 09 (1080p) [5A9C6CEC].mkv (1.4 GiB)
Looking forward to Rowan's weekly mental breakdown
Show must've accomplished acceptable quality if Rowan didn't complain this week
inb4 mental breakdowns.
Rowan's monologue > CSM writing. No cap.
Rowan come back I wanna see you shit yourself in comments again.
stop bullying her
i guess we scared rowan away
when I collectively mindbreak more troon faggots with a single post I live rent free in their head until the end of time. Let me remind you, I don't know, care, or think about who you random mentally ill people are aside from the time of my post. When I click away you're outta my head, and I don't care to remember the half of you. Then again it's TYOL2022 and people can't have discussion amongst anything without feeling immediately hostile, calling for bans, and then seething for the end of time. The same people who buy and collect children's actions toys, no doubt. Did you enjoy the last episode guys? I know I did for the laughs, and I know the director did as he clearly embellished all the funds. You DO know this is the most funded anime of all time right? Are you going to seriously argue it looks the best, or even remotely okay? Fucking lol. You degenerates probably take it up the rear from your boss and then politely ask if you can suck him clean too, I'll bet. 10/10 chance you do. You know @Oosik does, just look, every one of his comments is something about excrement. Fucking disgusting aids-ridden creep who can't even see his cock because of his beer-belly, and can't see his beer-belly because of his nose getting in his field of view. But I digress. What was I going to say anyway? Oh yeah, I was outside in the snow and talking with a friend over a beer by the fire, not waiting to comment immediately on this shitty page. I normally visit Nyaa once every other day or so and grab updates, I don't have scripts or other no-life shit telling me to download whatever at what time. Get real.
I ain't reading all that. I'm happy for u tho, Or sorry that happened.
Glad to see Rowan is having his weekly normal one
What have you guys done to Rowan!?! I've never seen him this worked up, and he's always been like this. Dunno why Chainsaw Man is the hill he's decided to die on. For once, the overhyped show of the season is actually pretty deserved. I still think Bocchi the Rock is quite a lot better but I much prefer Chainsaw Man over Jujutsu Kaisen.
came here to see some meltdown, lol... doesn't disappoint.... there should be anime about a rowan mc that hates everyone and secretly he/she craves loves or intimacies, some boring acts in the middle and mediocre artwork just to piss the real life one, then, finally this mc got the love and friendship mc deserved. 10/10 by certain someone in nyaa
Gotta give it to Rowan for handing out some good ass content!
Man, this shit really is just a cgi-caricature of a real show. The opening is just a bunch of lies. Compare the shot of the ghost-devil in the opening and the one in the actual show from last episode. The one in the show looks atrocious. I remember that Mappa's CEO said this is going to be "The ultimate animation", and that every named freelancer wants to work on this show. Is this it? Is this "The ultimate animation" that every gullible social media user promoted for free on the internet? Stop buying promises folks. This is the same path that video games took with "Pre orders" and "Early releases", where the actual product is unfinished trash. You were just manipulated by some marketing team that used your own brain's reward system against you. It's okay to admit that is is just dogshit. Mappa took the Attack on Titan hype train, made a cgi infested crap of a season, and used it to promote their other shit like JJK and CSM. Also Vinland Saga is getting the Mappa trademarked piss filter treatment too, don't you worry about that.
I love chainsaw man woohoo
I think this episode looked quite good and I don't understand how you can blame the rendition of the ghost devil. I'd be way more pissed off at how ugly both shadman and denji look like when transformed. That shitty kid's clay looks really whithers down the experience to me. @rowan "I'm not triggered so fuck off and kill yourself".
@Interruptor "No actually YOU are the one that's triggered!!! REEE!!!" <-- You I mean I didn't say KYS but maybe you should, statistically you will 50/50 anyway, fucking troon. Say whatever you want, S2 confirmed NOT to happen, the show bombed, you are a faggot, go back to kissing your dad and go dilate.
@Rowan Poopy haha smelly stinky poopy diaper.
@Rowan You know what? I'm starting to like your mental breakdowns, keep 'em coming! Make sure to have a huge one prepared for tomorrow.